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Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by Replytoken, Feb 13, 2016.

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    I picked up a TG-3 last year for a trip right before the TG-4 was introduced. I am normally a fan of shooting raw, and was not exactly pleased that the TG-3 did not have that as an option, but when I compared some sample files between the two at DPR, I was not that impressed in what the TG-4 raw files offered. I normally do not rely heavily on sample files when making purchases (usually because there is enough other information and actual feedback from users), but I have not heard from any TG-4 users about raw vs. jpeg. I have a trip coming up soon and I can take the TG-3 again, or I could try to sell it and upgrade to a TG-4 (reconditioned), for hopefully not too much out of pocket. Still, I am not sure that would net me much IQ gain, but it never hurts to ask. Any TG-4 users out there?

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    I have a TG4, but I haven't had a TG-3 so I can't comment on the difference between the two, my previous rugged camera was a TG-1. I don't find the TG-4 raw files that impressive, but I fear that they just tell the ugly truth. The TG-4 sensor is small and noisy and the jpeg files hide this by having noise reduction turned up to eleven and no way to turn it off. I still like having the ability to shoot RAW, both because I get to choose how much (or rather how little) noise reduction I want, and because RAW gives me the option to save pictures that auto white balance for some reason got spectacularily wrong. When that happens on a JPEG-only camera there's no way to save the picture.

    A few samples here. Normal daylight.

    Underwater, using the built-in flash.

    Here is ISO 1600. The other two pictures were taken at ISO 100.

    All images were, of course, processed from RAW.
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