Question for pros: printing and framing

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    I am an amateur shooter, and, since I joined the digital age, I've done very little printing of my photographs. Now, however, I'm being given a chance to make a fool of myself in front of friends and coworkers, and I could use some help. I work at a university, and the center in which I work has decided they want to have periodic art exhibitions. They are envisioning the kind of exhibits you see in coffeehouses, etc., with the artist changing periodically. Since I had shared some of my shots with a few people, they asked me if I would be the first exhibitor. I was flattered, and agreed.

    Now, I know that emailing photos to friends has little in common with putting something presentable on display, so I'd appreciate help from those who do this on a regular basis. Here are a few of the questions that I had thought of right off the bat. Advice posted here or by PM would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, if there is a web resource that answers questions like this, links would be welcomed!

    1. Where do I go for quality printing? (PM responses welcome.)

    2. I don't do a lot of processing of my photos other than cropping. I tend to crop for effect, and I don't worry about the size/proportions of the picture. Is this a bad idea? Should I be trying for "standard" proportions?

    3. I'm really lucky, in that I won't have to pay for the matting/framing. (They're pleased to be starting this with "one of their own" and will pay for the framing!) My thought is that all should be single matted in white and framed similarly, as the photos should be the focus. When you are exhibiting, do you normally keep it simple like this, or try to individualize the matting/framing for each shot?

    I know I had more questions, but I'll start with this. I'm supposed to have everything ready by around August 20, which suddenly seems very close. (I said I was flattered — I was, but now I'm also terrified.:eek:)