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  1. Thinking about getting a 5 or 6 stop ND and was curious about how this all works out with the EVF in my M10. Does it adjust to make up for the filter? Or does it act much like using a legacy lens, where you're stop down metering. I've noticed when doing this, that the camera doesn't completely readjust brightness. Same thing for ND?
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    Good question, don't know what the EVF would do. But 5 to 6 stops is a LOT. You might find yourself needing to either manually focusing, or focus on a tripod without the filter, lock the focus, then put on the filter. You're blocking a lot of light to the meters with that thing! When I used ND's with my old Canon setup I often had to do a lot of stuff manually w/o the filter just because I had blocked so much data, er light, from the meters.
  3. I'd probably be using manual focus anyway. Want to use the lower numerical stops during daylight hours on legacy glass. Wish we had use of ISO100 without the smallish loss of resolution.
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    Whatever the theory says, there's functionally no disadvantage to using the extended low ISO range on M4/3 cameras. In fact, according to some tests there is actually an improvement in dynamic range. So I could never, ever imagine that there would be an advantage to putting more glass in the path (in the form of a 1-stop ND) rather than going from ISO 200 to ISO 100.

    ...obviously if you're dealing with 5-6 stops, that's a big deal, and lower native ISOs are pretty irrelevant unless we start getting into ISO 32 territory like with phone cameras or old slide film...
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    Check Live Boost in Disp/PC menu.
  6. That's turned on..has been. But I still notice some darkening..not bad..when stopping down. So I'm assuming that a multiple stop ND will have about the same effect? If so, that's a real plus for us EVF users.
  7. I can still compose with a 10 stop ND during the day.
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  8. Perfect, just what I wanted to hear..Thanks.
  9. That's with Live View boost on btw. Just be aware that the exposure preview is not accurate with it on. Even with it off, if the light level is too way low the preview won't be accurate.
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    have you tried using the "focus assist" to magnify the view?

    I've found with the Panasonic G series cameras that it gives you a raw and gritty but less jumpy and dark view than what it attempts to process on the screen.

    I'd be interested to hear how that solution works for the Oly cameras if you do try it out
  11. Not a long as there's enough viewable image to determine focus...and yes, I religiously use magnify via FN2, and really don't find any issues with it on the M10. If the image is a little too "in your face", I just back off on the zoom.
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    For what its worth I have used 10 stopper + 2 stop cpl and had no problems focusing with live boost on.
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  13. That's a lotta gear in front of the lens..and the finder keeps on ticking. Can't imagine how anyone would want a camera with OVF.
  14. siftu

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    Mar 26, 2015
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    Yes, examples are here

    Bowling Ball Beach #2
    Bowling Ball Beach

    Taken in the middle of a sunny day
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    I really struggle to see the effect of any grad ND filter when viewing through my EVF. I've tried several different grad strengths, but just can't tell where the blend starts. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but it's certainly not easy.
  16. John M Flores

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find that the GX85 is able to focus with stacked ND filters (10+6)
  17. wonglp

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Apart from live boost. Using6, 10 NDs, the strength is really relative to actual ambient lighting and aperture you are using. Bright day, 10 stops or lesser, auto focusing is possible too. Towards late sunset, 6 stops can stretch the shot to 1-2min, and focusing can be tough, such times, I use Live Time with the histogram to guide me to get the right exposure.
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  18. John M Flores

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    I use mostly primes with my NDs so that if AF is a problem I can unscrew the ND, focus, and then screw the ND back on without accidentally changing zoom or focus.

    The bigger issue for me is setting custom WB. With the GX85 when you set a custom WB with a grey card, the camera exposes for the full shutter duration (usually 15+ seconds) and then does dark frame subtraction. It just adds extra time. So before setting custom WB, I boost the ISO and cut the shutter speed, and then set it back for the shot.
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