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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ksn, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. ksn

    ksn Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 6, 2011
    I found this along with an old lens from years and years ago. Material seems like it might be some kind of hide, doesn't seem synthetic but I could be wrong. Anyone know what this is and where I can find more of this?

    Tried to clean it by washing it out but it seemed to warp it's shape.

  2. JohnMetsn

    JohnMetsn Mu-43 Veteran

    Isn't it chamois leather..?..used to be very popular for lens cleaning.
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  3. Iansky

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    Dec 26, 2009
    The Cotswolds, UK

    I have always and still use chamois for cleaning my lenses, as long as you use it exclusively for that purpose it will serve you well and it does a superb job as well as being cheap to purchase.

    Why spend more than you have to?
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  4. ksn

    ksn Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 6, 2011
    That looks right, thanks! I went to Calumet and all they had was microfiber cloth. I'll have to get some online.
  5. jeanba3000

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    Jun 11, 2011
    Paris, France
    I've got a 3M/Scotch-Brite microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses, perfect and washable
  6. Trigeek

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    My only concern with a chamois is with particles becoming trapped in the fibers that do not come out easily with washing. Anything with a rough surface would be prone to that I suppose.
  7. Canonista

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    Sep 3, 2011