PSA for nature/garden photographers - visit your local volunteer nursery

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    We've been building our garden here over the last couple of years, from what is basically a typical starting point around this area of inner Brisbane - a bunch of stuff that was planted 20-40 years ago before australian native plants were really 'in', or well known enough to be cared for properly, or hybridised to be hardy enough to survive. What was growing well here - if you used the Brisbane City Council invasive weeds list as a bingo card - we would have been pretty far in to the game.

    We'd been going to bunnings and masters to buy plants. It turns out - these are terrible. Expensive, largely unknowledgeable staff, sterile growing environments, etc.

    After being sold a couple of things that later googling revealed were either a) not actually australian native plants, or b) died due to being incorrectly tagged and planted in the wrong conditions, we started looking at volunteer places selling native plants. We pretty much hit the jackpot first go -

    there are a bunch of others around but this seemed to be the largest one closest to us. Beautiful place at the edge of brisbane, clouds of butterflies, dragonflies, birds around it - in fact when we were there the wildlife included a dead snake a bird had dropped on the roof of one of the sheltered nurseries :O, people who know what they are talking about, and the surrounds are full of full grown examples of even the largest trees they're cultivating. Everything you see there is from stock that has been successfully grown in Brisbane already. Also - pretty much everything is sold as tube stock and is incredibly cheap (we ended up with 2-4 examples each of about 15 different varieties of plants for $60).

    I would normally have written this off as just me being derpy and not thought to share it but I mentioned it to my two neighbours here and it turned out, a) both of them also shop for the same crap as I did at bunnings and masters, and b) neither of them had never heard of there being such a thing as a native nursery either.

    So on the chance that other people are unaware that these are a thing - go look for one near you and check it out.
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