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Prototype photos of 150mm f2.8 and 42.5 f1.2

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by vinay, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. vinay

    vinay Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 18, 2012
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    Source: 43rumors
  2. Blackdog

    Blackdog Mu-43 Rookie

    Jan 31, 2013
    Rhode Island USA
    Wow, that's some close focusing on the 43. Or is it a 42.5?
  3. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
    I think Panasonic can't make up their mind. Personally they should just round it off and make it 43mm!
  4. Braza

    Braza Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 31, 2013
    I think that the focal length is 42.5, but the marking is 43.
  5. spatulaboy

    spatulaboy I'm not really here Subscribing Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    North Carolina
    Yeah, keep it at 43 please. Does half a millimeter really matter that much?

    Also: I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: I better start saving up.
  6. Talanis

    Talanis Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 15, 2012
    Sherbrooke, Canada
    Eric Cote
    Don't believe the markings for now. They just put that temporary. impossible to have a close focusing distance of 0.0.... hehe. It means they are still in development and not set in stones yet. I'm so eager to see the price and performances of the 150mm f/2.8.
  7. yekimrd

    yekimrd Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jun 14, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH
    Looks to be the hugest m43 lens yet (or is it as big as the Panny 100-300, can't tell since I never owned that lens). But is that with a hood or without?
  8. rparmar

    rparmar Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 14, 2011
    Limerick, Ireland
    Wow, it's almost like the MFT consortium are deliberately copying the best lenses from Pentax. First the 75mm, which can compete with the FA77 Limited for rendering (different quality, though both amazing). And now they are actually releasing a 43mm lens! Likely not a patch on the FA 43 Limited, but likely also excellent in its own way.

    Amazing news.
  9. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
    That lens looks so nice. I hope this year M43 fleshes out the telephoto range since the wide end has pretty much been covered.
  10. WT21

    WT21 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    Too true!

    Also, that's a very sexy lens (the 150 especially).
  11. OM Dude

    OM Dude Mu-43 Rookie

    Dec 30, 2012
    Ku'u home o Honolulu
    Anybody know a ballpark price for the 150mm? It can't be more than $2,000 USD, can it?
  12. elavon

    elavon Mu-43 All-Pro

    Sep 1, 2012
    Tel Aviv Israel
    If we take the 35-100 f/2.8 it should not exceed it price of 1500$ by much.
    It might hit the 2000$ if Panasonic will decide that they can not produce allot of it.
  13. MAubrey

    MAubrey Photographer

    Jul 9, 2012
    Bellingham, WA
    Mike Aubrey
    I'm more concerned about its weight than price. If they can keep it around 500g, I'll be interested.
  14. SkiHound

    SkiHound Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 28, 2012
    Definitely agree about 1.4x and 2x extenders. They make investing in lenses like the 150 f2.8 and the extant 35-100 much more attractive
  15. RevBob

    RevBob Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Jun 4, 2011
    NorthWestern PA
    I really like my 45mm but a faster 43 would be a huge temptation - if it is as sharp and if I can afford it. Otherwise, I'll keep saving for a 75mm. :biggrin:
  16. RenaudVL

    RenaudVL Mu-43 Veteran Subscribing Member

    Mar 21, 2011
    Damn, I hate these kind of news, moths before they are available, with only speculation on price and optical performance... I hate to wait, that's the little boy in me seeking... Long live :43: :2thumbs:
  17. drd1135

    drd1135 Zen Snapshooter Subscribing Member

    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    The 43 is really nice, but i'm not sure i need that level of DoF control. That 150, OTOH, would be so nice to have. I'm predicting $1200.
  18. RT_Panther

    RT_Panther Mu-43 Legend

    May 4, 2011
    And the Four Thirds Olympus 150mm ƒ2.0 is $2500 USD.....
  19. Just Jim

    Just Jim Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 20, 2011
    probably will be right around there.

    the 43 probably around 1200
  20. elavon

    elavon Mu-43 All-Pro

    Sep 1, 2012
    Tel Aviv Israel
    Thanks, you gave me reference, the Olympus 35-100mm f/2.0 ED Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens costs 2500 while the P35-100 costs 1500$. If you take this as an example the new P150 F/2.8 should cost 1500$.
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