Promaster TTL flash cords: Get the 4225 (M43 TTL), not the older 6848 (OM TTL)

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    After reading on another forum that ProMaster's Olympus TTL flash cord is built more sturdily than the Olympus FL-CB05, I ordered a ProMaster from a third-party seller on Amazon USA. The price--$12 shipped--was a steal.

    I bought it from Amazon's listing for the current model--the 4225 (ProMaster 4225 home page). Unfortunately, I received the older model, the 6848. When used with my Panasonic G3, it won't let my Olympus FL-36 flash work in TTL mode: just Auto or Manual.

    If the two ProMaster cords confused me, they've also confused sellers. In Amazon USA's 6848 page, the 6848 is said to work with "Compatible Flash Model: FL-50R, FL-50, FL-36R, FL-36." Well, not an used on an M43 body. Indeed, the body compatibility hinted at its vintage: "Compatible with all Olympus Zuiko Digital Camera body includes E-3, E-420, E-510, etc." But all means all. I realize my body is a Panasonic, but my other third-party Olympus TTL cord supports Panasonic TTL.

    Almost no seller describes everything about either model correctly. On, the 6848 listing shows some third-party cord. So does Amazon's search results for ProMaster Olympus TTL cord. But when you click through to Amazon's 6848 page, you see a different wrong photo: the ProMaster 4225.

    The 4225, called the ProMaster Deluxe, uses a lever lock. It' sold by Amazon USA on this page. But I didn't want the 4225, because unlike the 6848, which securely locks onto the camera and the flash bracket, the 4225 locks only onto the camera, using a lever.

    Since I paid only $12, I don't know if I'll return it.

    Don't repeat my mistake. If you want a ProMaster that will support Micro Four Thirds TTL, make sure it
    1. says Deluxe.
    2. says model (code) 4225.
    3. Is 5 feet (1.5m) long.
    4. does NOT say "Off-Camera TTL Flash Extension Cord for Olympus Digital SLRs".
    5. does NOT say model (code) 6848.
    6. does NOT show knurled rings.
    7. does NOT say 2ft or 0.5m long.
    8. does NOT show the cord shown in Photo 1 or Photo 3 below:

    Photo 1: A third-party TTL flash cord mistakenly identified as the ProMaster 6848 on Amazon and Rakuten.
    Photo 2: ProMaster 4225 Olympus TTL flash (for Four Thirds and Micro Thirds)
    Photo 3: ProMaster 6848 Olympus TTL flash, camera end, for OM and Four Thirds. This is my scan; I couldn't 't find a single online image that showed a ProMaster cord labeled "OM".

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