program that has layers without having to open PS


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Feb 26, 2014
Over on the MacRumors Forums site, in the Digitial Photography forum a person stated:

The "gold standard" seems to be Nik, which I've used and found good. What turns me off though is that they are owned by Google, who could take them in any direction and whose privacy policy I'm not crazy about. I also find the u-point technology quite useful but sometimes find the shape of the brush (round) quite limiting.

I've also tried Perfect Effects (the free version), which seems not to have the recognition Nik has, seems a little slower but seems to have more precise selective brush adjustments, though not a simple system like u-point.

I'm ideally looking for a program that has layers without having to open PS.

I'd welcome thoughts on this.

I thought someone here might be interested in my response:

You are partly there with Perfect Effects. That is just one program in the Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. The 8 programs in the suite are: Effects, Enhance, Portrait, Resize, B&W, Browse, Layers, and Mask.

Perfect Effects 8.5

With hundreds of powerful, one-click, fully customizable effects, Perfect Effects 8.5 makes it easy to bring out the best in your photos. Easy-to-use and versatile tools let you stylize your photos instantly or take complete creative control as you add subtle to striking enhancements to your photos, bring your photographic vision to life, or immerse yourself in freeform creativity.

Perfect Enhance 8.5

All the essential tools and adjustments every photo needs to go from good to great. You'll find tools to improve color, tone, and detail along with retouching tools for spot healing, red-eye removal, and removing objects with content-aware fill technology using the Perfect Eraser.

Perfect Portrait 8.5

Now you can focus on the art of portrait creation because the most time consuming retouching tasks are automated in Perfect Portrait. Improve skin texture and color, remove blemishes, and enhance eyes, teeth, and lips to create flawless portraits, while maintaining natural and realistic skin structure.

Perfect Resize 8.5

Get the highest quality photo enlargements with Perfect Resize, featuring Genuine Fractals® technology, and easily enlarge your photos without the loss of sharpness or detail that you might normally expect. Relied on by industry professionals, you too can create high quality enlargements and showcase your photos at their best—even those taken with your mobile device!

Perfect B&W 8.5

Develop stunning photos that recreate the timeless look of black and white master photographers. Use Perfect B&W to add dramatic and elegant looks to your photos and create the many moods black and white photography can evoke, resulting in beautiful and provocative imagery.

Perfect Browse 8.5

Quickly get to the images you want to edit wherever they're stored—whether they're on your computer, network, or on a cloud-based storage service. Preview your images side-by-side in a thumbnail grid or in a larger, more detailed view along with important metadata and navigate through them with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

Perfect Layers 8.5

Get a layered file workflow so you can combine and blend images without Adobe Photoshop. You'll have the power to swap faces, create balanced exposures, retouch portraits and landscapes, create layouts and composites, and more—for endless creative options.

Perfect Mask 8.5

Create high-quality masks with state-of-the-art tools that help you select subjects and isolate backgrounds for removal. It's surprisingly easy with Perfect Mask's masking technology, powerful brushes, and clean up tools that quickly create an initial mask and let you fine-tune areas for high quality and accurate masks—even around hair and trees and through glass and veils.

The suite is on sale through May 22. The sale price includes some extra presets and textures. Personally I use the Suite package that acts as plugins for Aperture and Lightroom. Using the Suite's Layers and Mask programs, I deleted PS and PSE from my Mac.


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Feb 12, 2010
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haven't checked the latest version... but consistently gets great reviews

Definately a modern mac aware app now with 16 bit support and layers

and a great price... costs about 3 months of CC photoshop


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