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    Feb 9, 2014

    Ive just purchased a massive ball head. Over the years ive tried all sorts of heads. I have a Manfrotto junior geared head which is great. I also wanted a large ball head but did not want to spend £500 on one. Fed up with small ones. The one ive found is a Triopo B4 from . By the way their customer service is first class. Photo of head on their website.The ball heads stunning. Cnc cut ball. Lovely friction adjust. Pan adjust. Nice black finish with 2 spirit levels. I am delighted with it. If anyone else has experience of the B (1 to 4) series please share your thoughts.

    photo at


    The quick release is arca swiss compatible with safety latch and a release knob. The ball head weighs 850 grams but is built like a tank.

    There's a large knob which is the ball release knob. very smooth. no sudden release like some ball heads.

    The small knob at the bottom is the pan release. Engraved degree scale.

    The engraved larger knob above it is the tension adjust.

    The knob placed directly under the camera is the arca swiss dove tail plate release. When unlocked the plate can slide by 2.5 cm sfore and aft so you can use it as a makeshift focussing rail.

    The plate rubbers fit the olympus EM1 really well.

    Under the plate is a D ring to tighten the 1/4 inch connection screw to the camera tripod mount.

    There are two bubble levels for portrait and landscape mode.

    This is a great ballhead. Just need better weather to try it out. But its rock solid. ive mounted it on my manfrotto 190 pro. On the manfrotto 055 even better. connection by standard 3/8 inch thread. The knobs operate smooth as silk.


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    Aug 14, 2013
    Hey! That's a neat tip! I have a small ball head that has a safety like that but I never thought of that. Thanks!
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    Looks fairly similar to my moderately priced RedGed RNB series ball head (similar twin knobs, arca Swiss compatible, pan head), though the one I have is much more lightweight. Still more than enough for any of my MFT products though. It's mounted on a carbon travel tripod that totals at 1.2kg.