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For a long time I've used local printers or the big mainstream online printing services (Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc), but recently came across this article:

They seemed to give ProDPI the best overall recommendation across a number of parameters so I thought I'd check them out.

Pretty straightforward, you have to establish an account with them, but it's all automated. I did it on Sunday afternoon. You have to download an application
that allows you to upload images into their system, which I went ahead and did. I uploaded the image below and ordered a 30" x 50" print in Fuji Pearl finish.
The whole process of establishing the account, downloading the software, and uploading my image took about 20 minutes.

The print arrived this morning (4 business days for printing and shipping!), shipped flat between multiple layers of heavy duty cardboard, meticulously taped and protected.
Shipping is free by the way.

Cost for the print was $68. It looks amazing. I will definitely be using them again.


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thanks - that's my adventuresome wife on a ridge near Kandersteg in the Swiss Alps. The print is a birthday present for her.


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Hey man, nice photo.

Just a few question: i noticed on their site they said not to use “Up-Res” or File Resizing (because the rendering software in their printers already does the resizing). Also, they accept only jpeg files. How big was the file you sent (and what was the DPI), and did you use any resize tools (like PerfectResize 8 or similar)? Thx in advance


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Pro dpi is great lab top end pro labs deliver better products reason most all pros use them :)
Nice to use them for the nice stuff :)

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I cropped my image in Lightroom to 3x5 aspect ratio anticipating doing a 30x50 print, and exported from Lightroom with the following settings:

100% quality .jpg
300 dpi
output sharpening for glossy paper
No resize
No color correction on the ProDPI side either (you have the option of them doing color correction for you)

I'm used to sending TIFFs or other huge files for a big print like this; the .jpg was only 11MB in size so I was a little skeptical. But it looks great.

Colorwise the print looks basically identical to what I see on my monitor (27" Apple Thunderbolt display).