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Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by n3eg, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. I found a non-working GM1 cheap on Ebay. I've disassembled it and have identified the bad part, the shutter assembly. However, Panasonic does not list it in their parts list with the other items, and they can't seem to give me a part number / price / availability for it.

    Don't feel bad for me - I got an excellent deal on a working one too. I'd still like to get the broken one working though.

    And the GM1 was very easy to disassemble - I had no problem with it.
  2. barry13

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    I don't know if Precision Camera or other service companies sell parts, but you could try.

  3. Wasabi Bob

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    So once you get the part, how do you plan to do the alignment calibration? It was previously explained to me that it is a software embedded operation that requires the service software. If you disassemble the mount box assembly, you also have some very precise mechanical alignment to do. I had a similar problem (with another camera) and Panasonic replaced the entire ass'y as the time and labor cost would have been more than replacing the entire ass'y. Mine was under warranty.
  4. I'm not worried. It was way too simple to disassemble, and everything I encountered was tight screws in round holes. The sensor assembly came off in one piece, and so did the shutter assembly. The shutter is supposed to be controlled by a stepper motor, and any variation could be compensated for with the exposure compensation. Any thickness changes would be just a focusing non-issue, and there's no IBIS to complicate things. We'll just have to see how it goes...if I can ever get the part.
  5. Update: I finally found the exploded view for the camera even though the link they gave me for it didn't work.
    It lists a front panel assembly part ID number in the exploded view, but doesn't break down the sensor box assembly or shutter assembly as sub-assemblies.
    It also doesn't list a part number for the front panel assembly or either of those sub-assemblies.
    I'm on email number eight with this now...
  6. BLT

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    out of interest, if the mechanical shutter is broken, could you just use the camera with the electronic shutter?
  7. No, it clicks the shutter on power up, probably as a self-check. I'm assuming that this fails in the broken camera and will not let it power on.
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    Wow, That's annoying!! so the camera won't power on if the mechanical shutter is broken! What happens if you completely remove the shutter mech' from the camera? same issue.
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    I tried ordering lens parts one time and was told that they are generally not available. Guy in the service center told me that people try to fix it, discover they can't, and send it in for service. Panasonic had their parts dept in WA, where are you located?
  10. Replytoken

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    Panasonic used to have a large warehouse/distribution center in Kent, Washington. I am not certain if it is still there, but it is no longer open to the public. They used to sell overstock there years ago, and I picked up some nice portable audio equipment at a good price. It is a shame that it is no longer open.

  11. Dead end: Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. (the parts supplier) says they cannot break the front panel assembly down further, and the price quoted for the front panel exceeds the original list price of the camera at introduction.

    Time to decide whether to sell it, keep it for spare parts, or buy another with a cracked LCD or something.
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