probably my best this month, a trip to Beijing

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China
    I went on a three-day trip to Beijing and have just finished sleeping/developing raw and stitching panorama. I had a Fuji X10, EPL5 with 19, 25 and 60 with me, as well as an HTC One for some occasional use for its 26mm equiv. FL. So, here are the photos, the Great Wall, Forbidden City are my favourite ones, a few of which were also posted to the Panorama images thread, however I thought I'd start a new one, especially for the acrobatic photos.

    And here they are

    14148386199_5479eb4eea_b.jpg P6011149 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14355255333_c186d25eda_b.jpg P6011169 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14335035015_2ef92ea96e_b.jpg P6011038 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14333381332_f0389d09f8_b.jpg P6011358 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14311888276_bc0d996f2d_b.jpg P6010929 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    they are all children, the performance wasn't perfect, I was nervous for them, but as you can see it was a fabulous show.

    next, some Tian'an Men, and Tian'an Men square shots

    14148591007_eb7188a8f2_b.jpg P6011439 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14355347493_7603224fef_b.jpg P6011521 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14143708120_d9a4b88967_b.jpg P6011512 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14330318335_ce4fa5d4e4_b.jpg P6011511 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    and this is the Great Hall, where our President shakes hands and talks with yours. a few epl5 sigma 19 shots stitched

    14143722650_6107898d2d_b.jpg P6011534_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    next, the Forbidden City, it was said that among all the costume pieces ever made, a movie named "The Last Emperor" (1987) was the only one allowed filmed here, in the real palace, back then China wanted to gain recognition across the world, the movie was, I don't know how to say that in English, it was a great one, well translated, and very worth watching. It always reminded me of what a country we used to be, and this is my first time seeing the Forbidden City.

    14330360695_18c01e1c41_b.jpg P6021727_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P6021736_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14143772890_7f92de599f_b.jpg P6021746_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14350570103_e8a8900167_b.jpg P6021728 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14307329136_f8bfecb0f7_b.jpg IMG_20140602_164446 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    next, the Great Wall. Said to be the only man made architecture you can see with your bare eye from the moon, which I was only able to capture a tiny tiny bit of. And it's proven that the statement was fault, only used to describe its grandness. The Great Wall was built to defend against Mongolia invasion, however I would think it sacrificed more than it defended, it's a stupid idea that no one could do that again, but we are lucky to be able to see.

    14333223492_0e7fb0e0b7_b.jpg P6010771_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14143607868_0c94d52d34_b.jpg P6010760_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14143630060_7e434ccb1a_b.jpg P6010743_stitch by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14350436333_6c39f6425b_b.jpg P6010740 by jyc860923, on Flickr

    14143476449_81824404fb_b.jpg P6010696 by jyc860923, on Flickr
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  2. 50orsohours

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    Oct 13, 2013
    Portland Oregon
    Really great series, I love the greens the most.
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  3. penWS

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    Sep 7, 2013
    New Zealand
    Very nice set, wonderful shots of the great wall.
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  4. xdayv

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    Aug 26, 2011
    Tacloban City, Philippines
    Thanks for sharing, your photos show how beautiful that country is.
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  5. BLX

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    Feb 24, 2012
    Excellent set for sure!

    I was there last summer - nice with this revisit - many thanks!
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  6. jyc860923

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China

    Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it. and Morten, I remember seeing your photos, which are a true inspiration, I haven't been to Shanghai yet, but you'll see it when I do :)
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  7. wjiang

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    It's amazing how different it looks! I was there last month and it was a lot drier! I'm still going through the months worth of photos from China... you are so fast lol
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  8. jyc860923

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China
    It's like I can't sleep if I haven't finished editing the photos. And Beijing is supposed to be dry and dirty these days but the weather was surprisingly good when I was there. I wasn't happy with they people, arrogant, selfish and unhelpful, you've been travelling from South to North for months may you have already felt the difference in various part of China, I still think Hangzhou is nice.
  9. Ross the fiddler

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    That's a great series. I have seen a video of the girls on the high stunt monocycles in the first photo & they are truly amazing with their balance & accuracy.
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  10. jyc860923

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Shenyang, China
    I zoomed in and found out they each has a piece of magnet on the head, well, I'm not sure it's magnet, but what else can it be?
  11. Ross the fiddler

    Ross the fiddler Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    They probably do too, but their tossing & catching with such accuracy impressed me.