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    Robert Evangelista
    My Early Days of Printing
    Weekend Photography: 46-My Early days of Printing

    After Buying myh OMD E-M1 a couple of years ago.
    It never crossed my mind to do any kind of print.
    At that time, I was not even sure if I can go back to my favorite hobby.
    But A lot have happened. And this hobby has really really turned out to be the most fun I had in years. And printing is taking it to the next level.

    Like some other products I own.I start from posting from the 1st day of owning and every single time I have fun with it.
    Like some other products I own.
    I start from posting from the 1st day of owning and every single time I have fun with it.
    Pretty much happiness and excitement this tools pring to ordinary people like me.

    So this Post will include

    1.) Quick Unboxing.2.) Initial Experience after printing 20 A3 size using Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II.

    What I like
    • Print Quality I though only possible from the labs. I did not know ink jets can print this good. It feels like I have been hiding under a rock.
    • Amazingly fast even at High Quality
    • Comes with Free Trolley
    • Great Black levels
    • Silent
    • Easy to setup
    Things that Bothered me

    • Huge and Heavy at 29kGS. but then again it prints large.
    • The front tray is too short for an A3+ or A3 paper.
    • Short USB cable and Power cables.
    • Hard to find the Serial number needed for the Online Warranty registration.
    • Did I say it is Huge! it is HUUUGGGE.
    • Small ink Cartridges.
    3.) Ink Consumption after 20 A3 Prints. Samples show Below.
    Blacks and Grays and the yellow dropped 33%.

    4.) The hunt for Reasonably priced Frame

    5.) Mounting Photos to the Fiskbo Frame

    6.) Mounting Frames to the Wall

    I have an empty wall just above my desk.

    Size 150cm by 250cm.
    My Frame is 33x43cm.
    With the Frame Mount 6.5cm from the center
    With this I came up with the calculation that
    I can hang 20 frames with 4 rows x 5 columns
    by spacing the mounts 48 cm apart horizontally
    and 38cm apart vertically.
    The first mount is 30cm from the left wall and 15 cm from the ceiling.
    And it is just a matter of setting the 1st row and let gravity show the vertical lines.
    and setting the 1st and last Column, to lay outhorizontal lines.

    Use spirit Level to guide you in leveling your frames and small double sided tape to anchor it in place

    Finished Product:

    After the installation of 20 A3 Size Prints on a Fisbo Black Frame (30x40cm,)
    Before the Installation of the picture frames

    This are some of the images I printed:











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    Thanks for sharing your printing story Robert. Isn't it great seeing your photos come to life when you print them? IKEA have some wonderful frames that are inexpensive for displaying photographs.
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    Apr 7, 2015
    Following. :) 
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