Post Processing Challenge #311 - Challenge Closed Winner Announced

Discussion in 'Contests and Challenges' started by savvy, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. savvy

    savvy Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 28, 2012
    S.Yorkshire, UK
    I like trams, and I like bridges, so to have both together was an interesting shot to me, although the initial RAW looks unpromising, I'm sure there's plenty that you can do to make me a nice final image.
    Taken with my old E-PL3, before I had my OM-D, when I was wandering around Sheffield quite some time ago.

    3 files to choose from at the following Dropbox links:-
    RAW (ORF)
    Unprocessed JPEG from the RAW
    Original JPEG SooC

    This Challenge will close at midnight GMT on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017.

    72-Hour Post-Processing Challenge Rules:
    1. The Challenge Master provides an image or images to be "improved" upon by way of post-processing, as well as a closing date for entries.
    2. Entrants are to post their entries, visible in this thread, at a resolution of 1000 to 1600 pixels in the longest dimension, prior to the closing date.
    3. Each entrant is allowed two entries in the Challenge.
    4. At the close of the Challenge, the Challenge Master will select a Winner and two Runners-up.
    5. The Winner of the challenge is honoured as the Master of the next Challenge.
    • The image used for the challenge must be the Challenge Master's own image. The image is posted solely for the purpose of this Challenge; it is not posted to invite critique or criticism nor for other uses. If entrants post their entries at a photo sharing site, they should credit the owner of the original image in the form: 'Original by xxx over at'.
    • "Improve" is a subjective term, and may include many creative ideas, as well as traditional "fixing". The Challenge Master agrees that Entrants may make any changes they deem fit in their entries.
    • Entrants are strongly encouraged to share the tools and techniques used for their entries, however, this is not a requirement for entry.
    • As we all know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The Challenge Master is encouraged (but not required) to state the criteria used to decide upon a Winner. While we may not all agree with the result, the Challenge Master's decision is final. Please refrain from posting adverse comment.
    • If the Winner is unable to post a new Challenge within five days, the honour passes to the Runners-up.
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  2. panamike

    panamike Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Jul 5, 2016
    Lincolnshire UK
    Entry 1

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  3. kevinparis

    kevinparis Cantankerous Scotsman Subscribing Member

    Feb 12, 2010
    Gent, Belgium
    All done in Aperture

    Went with a widescreen crop to make the tram more of the hero and to bring into play the pedestrian on the left.

    Applied a polarise/multiply effect to the whole image and then brushed it away from the tram and the foreground to make the sky more dramatic.

    tweaked the colour of the tram a bit and pushed the mids and highlights towards orange nd the shadows a bit to the blue

    finally added a vignette

    201211_Sheffield_Nov_2012_460 (1).

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  4. dlpruk

    dlpruk Mu-43 Veteran

    I wanted to make the tram the star of this show so, all in LRCC, I started by cropping to eliminate what I thought were distractions and applied a radial filter across it. Then I did some general colour adjustments, brushwork and applied a light vignette, all aiming at a dramatic but not over-cooked effect.

    Sheffield Tram 21-03-2017 16-35-48.
    Original at Flickr

    Then I wondered if I could take it a bit further:

    Sheffield Tram 2 21-03-2017 16-36-22.
    Original at Flickr
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  5. dbuckle

    dbuckle Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

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  6. WhidbeyLVR

    WhidbeyLVR Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 14, 2014
    Whidbey Island
    I particularly liked the converging lines leading to the bright spot on the horizon. I decided against the use of vignette, but I did straighten and sharpen a few things things and tried to enhance the mood of the image.

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  7. Robert Watcher

    Robert Watcher Mu-43 Top Veteran

    For the last couple of months, I have been playing with the idea of doing a majority of my image processing using free apps on my iPad or Samsung Phone. Especially useful since my Olympus cameras transfer files directly to these devices for uploading to my Instagram account or other uses on the web.

    So my most used app has been Snapseed. And that is what I have used to create this image from the SOOC jpeg file provided. I created a more dynamic feel by distorting the image in the frame, and deliberately left in and highlighted the blue candy wrapper, for interest in the left corner and tie in the blue on the train. I often prefer a more grungy image and so have processed in a style that is identified with my look. Resized to 1600 px in my iPad using the Image Resize app:

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  8. savvy

    savvy Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 28, 2012
    S.Yorkshire, UK
    What a great bunch so far.

    Everyone else, just over 24hrs to go to get your entries in!
  9. WhidbeyLVR

    WhidbeyLVR Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 14, 2014
    Whidbey Island
    Entry #2

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  10. Hendrik

    Hendrik Mu-43 Veteran Subscribing Member

    Feb 27, 2015
    Wayland MA
    For me, the dominant story is the weather and the exposure to it of the closest pedestrian and her shopping. She is found at the apex of a chevron formed by the rails and overhead lines and is closely associated with the brightest part of the scene. So, I chose to de-emphasize the tram itself but dramatize the reflections on it, which confirm that the “interesting” weather is quite local.


    The work was done entirely with Photoshop using the orf as source.

    In ACR
    Corrected perspective for the slight up angle of the lens.
    Cropped square to emphasize the chevron formed by the rails and the overhead lines.
    Darkened sky and foreground with opposing gradient masks, leaving the pedestrian untouched.

    In Photoshop
    Removed two pedestrians at other end of the bridge.
    Monochrome using Black & White layer, tweaked.
    Added a blue tint with Levels.
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  11. SVQuant

    SVQuant Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Sep 20, 2015
    SF Bay Area, California, USA
    Entry 1: PP311_Entry1.

    Entry 2:
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  12. savvy

    savvy Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 28, 2012
    S.Yorkshire, UK
    OK, challenge is now closed. I'll announce the winner in a short while.

    I've been reviewing them all this afternoon, so it shouldn't take me too long to write it up, as I've been keeping a text file with notes :)
  13. savvy

    savvy Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 28, 2012
    S.Yorkshire, UK
    First off, a big thank you to all that participated. There were lots of varied styles put forward here, some similar to what I did with it myself, and some I would not even have thought of.

    I'm not going to give a mention to every single entry, there were too many for that, but I'd like to comment on a few:-

    - Zeus1 for being super quick off the mark and getting the ball rolling, being first is always difficult. (I don't know how you manage to get these in so quick after the challenge has been posted!!), and you were a close call for the monochrome entry.

    - kevinparis, dlpruk, WhidbeyLVR (1st Entry), Robert Watcher, and Hendrik for explaining (in various degrees of detail) what they were trying to achieve and how they went about it - Bravo!! I feel that this can only help us all be better PP'ers, we are never to old to learn something.

    and now for the final placings ...........

    Third Place - Lyle (@WhidbeyLVR@WhidbeyLVR) for Entry #2
    I'm not normally a fan of these "effects" type treatments (I used to be a few years ago, coming up with some weird and wonderful PP treatments), but in this case something made me keep coming back to this image, I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it's that the Liquefy effect (I presume that's what you used) produced a super-clean smooth look which still kept the main larger elements (sort of). I could imagine the tram company using this on one of their posters. I'd love to know how you did it and what you used to produce this.

    Second Place - @Hendrik@Hendrik
    With the four monochrome treatments, it was difficult to choose between them for different reasons. One of the main reasons for doing monochrome is where the colour is distracting to the main elements, and working with tone in monochrome brings them out better. Probably better for the dark mood of the day and the sky in particular, but in this case the colours are an intrinsic part of the tram for me, hence why a B&W didn't feature higher this time.
    Although you chose to make the weather the dominant story, and to de-emphasise the tram, I think it worked well with that crop. It looks very "clean", and the reflections down the tram are very nice indeed. I particularly like how in-focus and crisp (without being over-sharp) the front of the tram looks.

    The Winner - Kevin (@kevinparis@kevinparis)
    This image had it all for me. You certainly captured the dark moody day that the shot was taken on, the polarise/multiply effect was not overdone and definitely helped to isolate the tram by brushing it away; the crop was just right to bring the pedestrian into the scene; the colours and saturation on the tram were pretty spot on, the Supertrams look just like that, plus the "Middlewood" sign on the front of the tram seemed nicely sharpened and in focus, with the correct colours; I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the clever vignette managed to draw the eye away from the signwriting on the right-hand building which was very distracting to me, not many others did that; and finally, your use of the split-toning on the shadows and highlights was very effective without introducing an orange hue to the lighter clouds middle and left. I saw you used this on the last challenge, and I liked it very much there too. I'll have to have a play with that technique, I haven't used it in that way before (only "obvious" split toning), so thanks for that.
    A worthy winner.

    I hope the "explanations" on each of the above three help you see my reasoning for the choices.

    Over to Kevin for Challenge No. 312
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  14. kevinparis

    kevinparis Cantankerous Scotsman Subscribing Member

    Feb 12, 2010
    Gent, Belgium

    Thanks for that.. it was an interesting image that offered many opportunities which were reflected in the variety of the interpretations

    will get next challenge up soon

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  15. smartridertom

    smartridertom New to Mu-43

    Aug 9, 2015
    Tom O'Brien
    Maybe I'm just easy to please but I liked every single image. You folks rock!