Post Processing Challenge #141

Discussion in 'Contests and Challenges' started by Matero, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Matero

    Matero Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 22, 2013
    Here's the next post processing challenge:

    This one definitely needs fixing, but how?

    RAW: #141/Street Munkkiniemi Helsinki.ORF
    JPEG: #141/Street Munkkiniemi Helsinki.jpg

    Image taken with PEN E-P5 w/ m.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens, f2.2 1/2000S ISO200
    JPEG rendition from Apple Preview

    Submission deadline shall be December 20th, 12am GMT

    The Rules:

    The Challenger will provide any photo that he/she deems worthy of challenging other members to "improve" by way Post Processing. It must be their own photo, and taken with m4/3 equipment. "Improve" is a subjective term, and includes many creative ideas as well as traditional "fixing". The Challenger agrees that entrants may make any changes they deem fit to post in their entry.

    The winner of the previous challenge gets to post the next Challenge and serves as the judge for his/her PP challenge.

    For obvious purposes, the judge is disqualified from participating in his/her own PP challenge. Instead, he/she should post a photo to start out the challenge.

    ***** If the winner fails to post a new challenge within five days, the responsibility passes to the runner-up. *****

    At the end of the 72-hours (we don't have to be strict about 72-hours, especially with time differences depending on where you are on the globe), the judge will name a winner, a first runner-up, and a second runner-up.


    The Challenger's image is posted for the sole purpose of the PP Challenge; it is not posted to invite Critique or Criticism.

    Entries shall be limited to 2 per member for each Challenge.

    Entrants to post a BBCode link to the Large size image of their PP edit(s), preferably 1024px x npx, or npx x 1024px, if the original image and/or the PP edit allow for these sizes. Also a click-through to the original sized hosted edit if appropriate (but not a requirement for entry). If you post your entry to a photo-hosting site such as Flickr, Photobucket, or a Gallery, etc., please credit the original photographer to make it clear it is not your photograph; something like "Photo taken by xxxxxx over at" should suffice.

    Entrants are strongly encouraged to post the settings and techniques used for their entry, however this is not a requirement for entry.

    As we all know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We may not all agree with the chosen winners, but the judges decision is final without adverse comment from the Entrants; the judge is encouraged (but not required) to state what criteria he used to decide on a winner.

    To make sure we don't break any Mu-43 rules/regulations, by participating in the PP Challenge you are allowing the judge to re-post your image for the sole purpose of announcing the winners in the thread.
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  2. WhidbeyLVR

    WhidbeyLVR Mu-43 All-Pro

    Feb 14, 2014
    Whidbey Island
  3. Conrad

    Conrad Mu-43 Veteran

    In ACR: lots of dodging/burning, local white balance adjustment on the street/water/air, strong contrast adjustment on the train and clarity boost. Straighten horizon, crop 4:5. Noise reduction 50%, no sharpening.
    In PS: cloning out white advertisement on the side of the train, smart sharpen (radius 3/50%; radius 1 50%; bicubic downsample to 1024p wide; smart sharpen radius 0.7/50%)

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  4. dbuckle

    dbuckle Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

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  5. vorlon1

    vorlon1 Mu-43 Regular Subscribing Member

    May 8, 2012
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  6. tortau

    tortau Mu-43 Regular

    Aug 17, 2014
    Waterloo, Canada
    Done in LR. Convert to BW, cropped, contrast and gradients

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  7. minibokeh

    minibokeh Guest

    I know that this is plagiarizing myself ... but - why not? :smile:

    "The last train home"
    <a href="" title="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki by Moritz Berger, on Flickr"> View attachment 399164 "1024" height="768" alt="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki"></a>
  8. minibokeh

    minibokeh Guest

    ok, I retract the last one. That was boring. How about these 2 instead:

    <a href="" title="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki-v2-abstract by Moritz Berger, on Flickr"> 16058776121_763201534c_o. "1024" height="768" alt="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki-v2-abstract"></a>

    <a href="" title="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki-v3-multi-lens by Moritz Berger, on Flickr"> View attachment 399194 "1024" height="768" alt="Street-Munkkiniemi-Helsinki-v3-multi-lens"></a>
  9. bigboysdad

    bigboysdad Mu-43 All-Pro

    Aug 25, 2013
    Sydney/ London
    Wasn't easy. Total of 5 layers, dodged & burned (particularly on the tram part of the image), then toned. No sharpening applied, just noise reduction. Clarity was very important in pp as well.

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  10. Matero

    Matero Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 22, 2013
    Ok then, time to close the challenge. This round showed me (again) why I enjoy following these challenges. You never know what's going to pop up. Thanks to everyone who invested their time on this busy time of the year :smile:

    This time the challenge itself was little bit technical. To rescue the shot and make it look good it was expected that one knows his tools and the bells and whistles in it. And yes, you showed that you can! However some other angles to the problem also showed the strength and power of creative thinking :thumbup:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the results:

    Third place: I'm not a fan of paint style in PP for photos, but this time I must say that I really liked the result! Thanks Dbuckle

    Second place: technical skills and eye for something different than the original, different mood, and how well it describes to hoods of the original picture is surprising (with assumption that Bigboysdad never been in the neighborhood). Thanks Bigboysdad

    And the Winner is: Minibokeh - just breaking the original idea and making something own out of it. Thanks!

    So, Minibokeh, the honor is yours to give us something to "bite"!

    Thanks for all who participated!
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