Poll:What factors influence your camera purchase ?

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    Hi Guys ..
    I was wondering if we can have a poll on factors influence your camera purchase ? There are so many of them and lets see what people come up with .You can tick on muliple boxes and if possible , please provide some logical explaination .
  2. Bhupinder2002

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    Please vote on this .
  3. juangrande

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    Dec 2, 2012
    You forgot one important factor that most of us are influenced by: obsessive compulsive behavior!:rolleyes:
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    Sep 2, 2011
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    Well, I unashamedly bought my em-5 because of the looks! lol. It also happens to be a very capable camera. Win-win for me.
  5. sokar

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    Nov 30, 2011
    I ticked a few options. In my case, there are multiple factors that will dictate what my next purchase will be.

    My Experience

    Firstly, I am still relatively new to photography and therefore still have much to learn. I am yet to upgrade past the Olympus 12MP range bodies because I believe that in many cases the equipment is better than the user. The longer I keep the gear I have the more experienced I become with it. It is only after 3 years of using the same gear that I am starting to find limitations with what I have. In my limited experience there is more to photography than the latest camera. I enjoy taking portraits, whether it be in the form of street photography or at events. I prefer using flash when possible and i believe appropriate lighting assists the 12MP sensor significantly. I prefer to use fill flash at all times and therefore use high speed sync flashes (another set of lessons to learn). For me, it does not stop there, because I have had to learn post processing from the beginning. The more I process photos and learn new lessons, the more I return to previous photos and try to improve them. Additionally the more I edited photos, the more I understood the character and limitations of the 12MP sensor.

    Within the last year I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a professional photographer on several events. This was a valuable experience for me, as I learned that he could make wonderful photos with any equipment. To him, photography was a job. Gear was just a means to completing the job. He had no interest is GAS, but he did remain current with what new innovations were in the market to assist him in his profession. His gear was full frame cannon with L lenses, flashes and extra battery packs strapped to his leg. Impressive, but he hated the gear, and was critical of it. He had only borrowed it for these 2 shoots; he despised 35mm format and considered it substandard. His gear was MF, but this was not ideal for event photography.

    After speaking with him for several hours, it became apparent that he considered most camera systems capable. He was a huge fan of the Fuji X Series. His brother is also a pro and had sold all his 35mm gear and moved to Fuji. He showed me hundreds of photos he had taken and was able to instantly identify the lighting used, and it's position. He could describe the diffuser used and at what height and angle the lighting source was positioned. He saw some of my attempts from the shoots and provided some constructive criticism. He started with the basics of framing, lighting. background etc, and then started to talk about mixing natural lighting with flashes / strobes, detailed photoshop editing, sync speeds, ND filters, leaf shutters in his MF gear, umbrellas versus soft boxes. It was a some point during this that my eyes must have glazed over and my headache started. I walked away thinking that I had a lot to learn before upgrading my gear to the latest model.

    Gear Options for the Future

    Another reason I have held back from purchasing more M43 gear is that I want to see where this category will be in the near future. The more I improve with photography and the more I learn about cameras, their use and PPing, the more uncertain I am about staying with M43. I want portability, and therefore I will stay with a mirrorless system, but with the emergence of Fuji X series and the quality their cameras can produce, I am happy to sit back and observe.

    I have some brand loyalty to Olympus. Having said that I was never a 43's user and was not burnt by Olympus. The next Pen release is significant, and will indicate how serious Olympus are in providing a cost effective product. They have stiff competition with the Fuji X series, and with the cost of the X-E1 kit under $1000, their next Pen will need to be impressive. It will also need a descent zoom either kitted with the new body, or at an affordable price. Can they do it? Of course they can; but will they? Without wanting to appear cynical, I doubt that Olympus will release new bodies with a descent kit zoom for similar prices to the Fuji system.

    Both Panasonic and Olympus must be realistic in the future with pricing. Regardless of the features that they attach or include in their cameras, they all have a M43 sensor. This sensor has limitations when compared to larger sensor systems. Therefore the prices for M43 equipment must be attractive to the user base. With the prices of larger sensor systems dropping, M43 must stay competitive and be priced at a level indicative of it's performance.
  6. drd1135

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    IQ, size and $$ are deal breakers for me. My week in New Orleans really emphasized to me how much I like small cameras. I use the E-PLd5 the most because of it's superb IQ, especially in low light, but the Pentax Q got some action because it was so easy to grab. Reading reviews is just part of any sensible purchase.
  7. drewbot

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Toronto, ON
    Cost effective, high quality, and portable.

    Pick two and the other one won't apply. ;)
  8. M4/3

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    Sep 24, 2011
    None of the above; i.e. in 5-10 years no one will care about still image quality because everyone will be shooting and editing ultra high definition video. Each ultra high definition video image frame will have 2,500+ lines of resolution just like the best of todays still camera images.
  9. sinclair

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    I didn't want to spend money on a camera unless it could use my Canon FL/FD lenses, so I had learned that mirrorless was the way to go. Actually, mFT was the specific format listed as allowing use of old glass in my very short online search when I was bored one afternoon. Since mFT was the format that was bouncing around in the back of my head as what to get someday, I found out about a 1/2 sale of a GF5, so I impulsed bought thinking that was a really good price since I was used to seeing $700+ for digital cameras of any interchangeable lens style.
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    Jan 19, 2010
    That, and whims.

    Edit: And polls that make me think about buying cameras.

    Actually all this did was make me look at my signature and make the inevitable camera updates, haha.
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    Feb 19, 2010
    I checked all but 3 options. I think maybe this poll is too expansive and too much overlap to get you real data??
  12. WT21

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    Feb 19, 2010
    You might be right, but I really hope you are not.
  13. WT21

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    Feb 19, 2010
    I do wonder if brand loyalty and comfort with a brand are often confused.

    For instance, I am still with Canon vs. trying Nikon mainly because I spent a lot of time with their lenses, and I know them very well. That's different than Brand loyalty. Same thing with Oly. I am very comfortable with their menus and configurability, but that's not necessarily brand loyalty.
  14. woof

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    Oct 18, 2011
    The present.
    I see size and IQ were the big ones. No surpise.

    I'll pick one functionality that does influence my purchases. There are many others, but this one is non-negotiable - because it does not have o be.

    Honestly, I shoot a lot of brackets. Not all for HDR either. I use it also for timelapse as well as bracketing things like WB, etc. I find myself shooting a LOT of brackets.

    It seems like it has only just started to percolate cosciously that RAW slightly overexposed can be a good thing... that's been a part of my workflow forever, and it came about as the logical correlate of increased noise in underexposed shots... and for me this came in turn from playing with brackets.

    Frankly neither Canon nor Nikon offer sophisticated bracketing in anything lower than Pro models. Even the 5d Mark II only allowed three shot brackets. (Weak!) Finallly with the Mark III and 6D they've gotten "smart." Before that you had to get a 1D or 1Ds. I like brackets, but not THAT much... especially given that there have been options.

    I have always begruded Canon my money based on their begrudging the consumer of this simple functionality. As for Nikon, the D200 and D300 I think are the absolute barebones minimum here for bracketing - and while they can be had for a song (an a half) NOW, this was not always the case.

    Pentax, on the other hand, had 5 shots at +-2 EV back as long ago as the K10D. Released January 1, 2007. So it's not like this is anything new. And then Pentax added a working 999 shot intervalometer to the K5 (K7 was sadly limited to 99 shots). Had to mention THAT. That was huge for timelapse.

    Olympus and Panasonic are liberal and generous with their advanced capabilities like bracketing. Olympus even has Flash Bracketing which I have found extrememly useful at times. Rather than fiddling with settings, I just take three shots and I know one will be fine. (Don't knock it before you try it!)

    Again, bracketing generally is just one example of a functionality that you'd have to otherwise pay a huge premium for and which effects strongly my purchase decisions. There are plenty of other examples, this is just a really good one.

    The fact is that this is just technology and technology is cheap. Especially six years after Pentax introduced a good spread in the K10D. I have to beleive that for Canon and Nikon, bracketing is a firmware limitation, and that just means that its omission in the D7000, 7D, and their ilk is nothing short of fully intentional.

    The company that holds back simple functionality like bracketing for their premium tier will NOT get my money. Plain and simple. If it had not been for this limitation, I'd have been all over the 40D long ago followed thereafter by the 7D.

    There was a similar point in time where the D7000 might have ended up in my bag. And once the D300 got cheaper I almost went there too...

    But you know what?

    By the time I was looking at D300's I had an EM-5, a G5 and an LX-5 and I realized I had all the based covered.

    Thanks for reading...

  15. Liamness

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    Apr 20, 2011
    I only take photographs as a hobby, so for me the experience of using the camera first and foremost has to be enjoyable. Does it feel good in my hands and intuitive in use? Is it small enough that taking it with me isn't a burden? Is it going to enable me to take the kind of photographs I want to take?

    Basically I'll just buy the camera that's the most fun to shoot with that I can afford. If there's anything frustrating in its operation, or anything that obstructs me from using it the way I want to, that just puts me right off. The results are kind of secondary.
  16. speedandstyle

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    I am not loyal to any brand other than sticking with it once I have a good selection of lenses. Image quality is going to be one of the most important reasons. Another thing I look for that you did not list was ergonomics. I like a body to be big enough to handle and have some grip on it. I also like the buttons to be laid out in a manner that makes sense to me{and so I won't be accidentally bumping them}.

    The camera also need to fit my needs although the roll one camera fits may be different from another. If it is an interchangeable lens camera then what lenses are available will play a part in choosing it or not. For instance the Fuji X system looks interesting but there are not enough lenses yet for me to justify getting one.

    Lastly is the price! I am not a rich guy and so I look for bargains. I often wait a year or so until there is a great discount or I can pick up a refurbished model.
  17. ean10775

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    Jan 31, 2011
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I would say all of them apart from advice from a friend or salesperson.
  18. drd1135

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    I understand the possibility of video becoming dominate if single frames are incredibly good still photos. Of course, I have absolutely no interest in video, so I had better be able to use it easily or someone will be able to sell me a still camera.
  19. Liamness

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    Apr 20, 2011
    Videos are already beginning to replace photos as the primary method by which ordinary people capture and share their experiences. Many people seem to prefer a terrible, shaky clip with shrill audio over a picture when using their cameraphones. As the technology improves, I guess taking a single still frame may become a little anachronistic.

    I think the act of taking a photograph has a unique appeal though, so photography will continue both as a hobby and a profession, just not so much as a casual thing.
  20. foxtail1

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    Dec 30, 2011
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    Hmm, did you mean latest camera purchase, or moving to µ4/3 purchase?

    I answered the latter, but reasons for the latest (G5) were different. For the G5, it was GAS and a new shiny G model (so brand loyalty?).

    For the original purchase (G3) — I've told this story before — it was Ashton Kutcher. I had a Nikon P100 (high end P&S), and saw a store display for the N1. Liked the size and interchangeable lenses. Fortunately, I avoided impulse buying and did significant online research (primarily reviews of µ43 cameras — I didn't find this site at that time), and realized that if I were switching formats, the Nikon was not the best choice. This was in late 2011, and the G3 seemed like the best bet (again, based on reviews).

    I am still comfortable with that choice. I kept the G3 as a second body when I got the G5, and use both, though the ergonomics are much better on the G5. My GAS has me wondering about the OM-D, but I have barely scratched the surface of what the Pannys can do, so I'm keeping it (GAS) under control. Actually, I'm quite happy with my kit right now. If it weren't for camera bags to buy, I wouldn't be spending anything right now. :biggrin: