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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by burdickjp, Jul 6, 2013.

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    Feb 25, 2013
    So I use Digikam, but I've helped a few people implement a similar organization system in other softwares:

    I have the software import pictures into creation-dated albums following ISO numbering schemes:
    When a list gets long I put them into a year folder. If a month gets long I make a month folder as well.

    Then the tagging begins. I have four top-tier tags:

    People and Places are obvious.
    Digikam is good about incorporating face-detection into the people tags. It will also detect animal faces, which I move under a Things > Animals tag, so face tags don't necessarily have to stay under the People tag.
    The fun of living Things is there's already a great hierarchy of organization in place, though sometimes Latin may be involved...
    Sometimes Things and Activities can become confused. I try to make the most general tags possible and use multiple tags to be more specific. For instance, I have pictures of our schools formula SAE car. For these pictures I have them starred as Activities > FSAE and Things > Car.
    Activities I try to keep as verbs, but make exceptions for organization. FSAE is an activity. Autocross is an activity, though you could say autocrossing, I guess.

    Here's where I'm running into problems: I would like to make some kind of association. For instance I have pet pictures. I'd like to associate the pets or cars with their owners, but the owners aren't necessarily IN the pictures, which would rule out People tags, but I also don't want redundant tags, so am trying to avoid tags of people's names popping up elsewhere but in the people tag section. I think some kind of association involvement would solve my organizations being under activities as well. Thoughts?
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