Please explain how flashes work in m43 system

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  1. absolutic

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Hi! I am a relative newbie when it comes to off camera flash interworkings in m43 system. So here are my questions and I would appreciate if someone answers them.

    If I put FL300R on Olympus EM1 and FL600R (for example) off camera, will FL300R trigger FL600R in HSS mode, above 1/250 stated flash xsync? If yes, will it be in TTL? If yes to FL600R, will Nissin i40 flash work in HSS Slave mode in the same fashion?

    I know Panasonic does not have "RC" function of Olympus cameras. Will the same scenario as above work on my Panasonic GX7 (I know onboard flash synchs to 1/320, but I can put FL300R on the top, and a flash like FL600R (or something else) off camera)?

    Thank you!
  2. Harvey Melvin Richards

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    The FL300R will not work as a trigger, but it will work as a remote. The FL600R will work as both. And that is almost the total extent of my knowledge about flashes.

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  3. absolutic

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Oh I see. And since little flashes that come with m43 cameras only sync to 1/250 or 1/320, i don't see how you can do HSS with these :)
  4. wjiang

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    HSS (FP mode on Olympus/Panasonic) by definition goes above the normal sync speed and turns into an effectively constant light over the exposure rather than a single carefully synchronised pulse. Olympus and Panasonic use the same flash control system, some of the flashes are even rebadges of each other. Your GX7 should support RC mode, check the manual.

    To do remote FP you need a proper commander, but the commander itself needn't support FP. The little FL-LM2/FL-LM3 that comes with the OM-Ds are commander units. Then there are non-commander FP units such as the Nissin i40 that may be used in FP mode but only on camera or off camera in slave mode. For example, I can trigger my i40 to fire in TTL FP mode using my non FP FL-LM2 commander unit.
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  5. absolutic

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    Jan 21, 2011
    OP here. I tried to use on board flash in my Panasonic GX7 this morning as a commander and/or trigger (whatever you call it) by switching it to wireless mode, and at first tried FL300R (RC) and it was a no go. FL300R would not fire. Then I tried to use it manual mode with FL300R - no go. Then I tried to use it with Canon mount Large Flash that I have which I know operated as a Slave with Canon and Nikon cameras before, and GX7 would not operate that flash either. I tried to change channels, etc, but no go.

    I am getting my EM1 later today, so I will check if EM1 is different in that fashion.
  6. wjiang

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    You have to put the FL-300R into RC mode too, and make sure they're on the same channel. Others appear to have this working on the GX7 with different slaves: GX7 pop-up flash as master> external flash as slave

    The Canon and Nikon flashes will not work as remote TTL slaves as it's a different system. I wouldn't expect them to work except if you can configure them as pure optical slaves, in which case any flash pulse would trigger them but you get no TTL or FP.

    Here's a good run down, it's OM-D focussed though:
    remote TTL flash with the Olympus OM-D cameras [Gary Ayton's photography wiki]
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  7. Clint

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    I can't speak about the Panasonic camera but it should be similar - put the camera into RC mode - (E-M1) Menu, 2nd icon down on the left, bottom of list you'll see RC Mode. Press the OK button to get back to the controls for the remotes, check the channel. Use the small flash that comes with the camera, on camera for RC.

    Take your flash (remote) and select mode (for the FL-300R move switch to A or B), and change the mode to RC, right click on the wheel to move to the menu item on the right and then down, set the channel to the same as the camera is set at, then left click and set the group you want the flash in A, B, or C. This is the group you use to the camera to set the remote flash functions.

    Now go back to your camera and set the mode for the group of your applicable remote, and then adjust the flash intensity if needed.

    This should get you started. And yes you can shoot in FP Mode (HSS) with the FL-600R as a remote. The RC mode maxes sync at 1/250 until you move to FP mode.
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  8. absolutic

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    Jan 21, 2011
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