PL1 owners listen up!!!

Amin Sabet

Aha, never knew about this. Is this some sort of regular maintenance action one should do?
BB, Lightroom maps dead/stuck pixels out automatically when processing RAWs. So do Capture One and Silkypix. I don't think Aperture does, but it's possible that the latest version now has it.


Well, it's a small price to pay for the ONLY camera company with the consideration and foresight to place "On Camera" utility for dead pixel mapping. NO other company has or is willing to do this, and it can be a HUGE pain not to have it. So kudo's to them. I can live with the rare online updates. It's a breeze frankly and a lot easier then a download onto a card.
The Epson R-D1 does it!


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Did someone say puppies?

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I am waiting for my E-PL1, pic was taken a couple years ago with an old 5.2 mega pixel Minolta.

Nice photos guys,

Robert Spoecker

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Wow, thanks for this thread. I just updated my E-P1 and it worked flawlessly.

Now I can get rid of the semi useless (to me) software that came with the camera, as the only reason I kept it was to do updates.

I wonder why Olympus could not keep all updated versions on their update site. It would then be easy to go backwards in revision numbers by just updating to an earlier version. If the latest update had a problem you could at least go back to a previous version.

Oh, and miwebb, don't post adorable puppies. It just makes me want to drive to the nearest animal shelter and hug a puppy and take it home. :laugh1:

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