Pl Rate In Camera Focus Stacking Quality in GX 85 GX80

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    Tried the focus stacking feature after firmware update in my GX85. In camera, there is 1) an auto option and 2) a range option where the user selects which areas to be merged (and which areas to be ignored) while focus stacking.

    Posting 3 stacked images of Holy Basil (about 5 mm long). All from same mp4 sequence. Tripod used; Natural light from one side; touch shutter release. No post processing except cropping. GX 85 + Pana 45/2.8 macro

    Pl comment on the in-camera processing quality as seen from a and b using 'c' as reference (164 frames stacked using zerene stacker pyramid)


    a Auto Merge in camera.jpg b Range Merge in camera.jpg c Focus Tack of 164 pictures in Zerene Stacker.jpg
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