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    A couple of weeks ago, I passed by a couple of guys who were passing out Pizza Promotion Coupons on the street. At first I said no, and then quickly spun around and took one. I started talking to them in my limited Spanish - - - and then asked if I could take a photo of them.

    They presumed that I wanted a straight on portrait of each of them (which I did), and they started pushing each other to get away from each other so I could get the shot. All the while I was shooting for some great shots that I was really hoping for. Here are the 2 final portraits and one of the casual shots that I like:




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    This afternoon I returned to the location to see if I could recognize Angel and Andrew. I found two guys in the same spot and after verifying that the one was Angel, I gave him his 2 prints. He said that Andrew was working at Paradera Mall - but that he would give him his 2 prints later today when he sees him.

    After talking for a few minutes and reminding about my name and where I was from - - - I asked if I could take a photo of him holding his prints. He agreed and then Melvin, the friend sitting beside him - grabbed Andrews pics and held them up.

    I got my shot and then presumed that Melvin wanted me to take a photo of him as well. Sure enough. So now I will go back again in a couple of weeks. This method always breeds new opportunities for me:



    And here is a shot of the scenario that I was originally presented with - - - a Pizza Coupon Introduction.


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