Pixelmator doesn't play nicely with Lightroom

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by chipbutty, Oct 15, 2013.

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    I'm wanting to perform basic healing edits on some of my photos. I can send the photo from Lightroom into Pixelmator just fine from the Edit menu but when I make edits on the TIF in Pixelmator the TIF doesn't get passed back to Lightroom. I've Googled this issue and it seems to be a common problem, with several workarounds, none of which seem to work. This is the latest one I've tried, with no luck. http://support.pixelmator.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9895

    I'm on the latest versions of Mountain Lion and Pixelmator. Lightroom 4.4.

    Any ideas?
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    Jun 14, 2012
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    I don't know Lightroom, but in Aperture it creates a folder in your library that says from Pixelmator.
    Is their a library in Lightroom?
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    Lightroom creates a copy and sends the file to the external editor with a .TIF extension. Pixelmator converts it to its internal PXM format by default and if you just do a 'save' that's how it gets saved. Lightroom won't recognize it.

    You need to do a 'save as TIFF' in Pixelmator. But then it writes it as .TIFF with an extra F. Lightroom won't recognize that either, so you need to manually change the extension to .TIF in the 'save as' dialog and you will be good to go. :)

    The roundtrip exchange works fine if you use .PSD but I don't think Pixelmator still supports PSD well. I tried that and the colors were off and editing was laggy. This is with pixelmator 3.0 so the problem still exists.

    BTW, the link you posted describes the same issue, but the solution offered is something completely different. It's telling Pixelmator to not try and use its native .PXM format for any imported files. It wouldn't affect the TIF(F) exchange with the naming difference.
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    Thanks for the reply! Yes I figured this out over the weekend and meant to update this thread with my findings. But yes alter the TIFF extension in Pixelmator to TIF. Sneaky!

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    Looks like we overlapped, i added more details to my response. Glad you figured it out.
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