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    My daughter works for a local university as a CPA CFE and just got a sorta promotion which included a larger office. She said it was nice but she doesn't have a window. She is also a fairly good photographer with a great eye for composition. My idea was to buy a used window at a local company that salvages old windows and make it into a picture frame. Couldn't find the right size so I made her one based on the largest print I could produce on the Pro 100.
    In another life I was a professional model maker so I did a model of a 3 over 1 which was popular between about 1920-1940. Overall the height is 22"x 16"x 3 1/2" the top is open to allow the pictures to slide up for changing. Both upper and lower sashes will move and have glass in them. The picture was taken by her while she was standing on the front porch of her and her husbands cabin in Montana.

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