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Photographing Weddings

Discussion in 'Street, Documentary, and Portrait' started by StudioHeraBell, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. CUB

    CUB Guest

    People who haven't shot weddings have no idea how difficult it is. Or rather, how difficult it is to do well. It is of course quite easy to do anything badly. :wink:

    Your blog has some exquisite wedding images. They are particularly notable for their wide range of different artistic approaches and your ability is clearly at a very high level. Thanks for posting. :smile:
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  2. troll

    troll Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 25, 2012
    Was there some unusual technique/post-processing, or did that man actually have a shoulder wider than his head? :eek:  This image looks sorta funky, it's like those two were photographed in a studio and then blended digitally with the green background.

    Gonna shoot my first wedding in a month, hopefully the last one as well. :biggrin:
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  3. Photographing weddings is all about how to deal with the stress level which will be thrown at you as a photographer at that day.

    Once you start shooting weddings, it becomes a mechanical act for most wedding photographers.

    The ones who are paid top level, they are innovative, creative even under such stress situations. And their signature style isn't about having the same same old same old poses for every wedding they shoot, but they can cater towards a sophisticated clientele who knows the difference and seeks timeless beautiful images from years to come, and they know their friends might say "WOW".

    I had done this blog post last year in January. Guess what, it got featured as a reference URL adress in a bridal magazine few months ago. I had no idea.

    I just booked a wedding, this week-end so I learnt from my client/bride where she has found me. From that same magazine article. Internet is magical. I didn't even know about it.

    I added few more shots from the year 1011 weddings I have shot. Since the blog post is getting so much traffic due to that reference, why not take advantage of showcasing more of my wedding images.

    A lot of the images are shot with GH2. I use my Canon indoors, during ceremonies etc. WHY? I have a battery pack for my Canon Flash. I can shoot many flash bursts. Outdoors, now of days I use my GH2 and if needed the Lumix flash as fill. Love it.

    Client knows who I am, what I create size of the gear matters much less to them.

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  4. Actually he is a body builder and owns a gym. It is what you see. I had huge diffuculty trying to make him look ok. Especially in such costumes. The bride is British, the groom is Indian. The wedding took place in the Provence France. Two portable flashes were used as fill outdoors. I pp in Photoshop.

    Best of luck at your first wedding.

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  5. Just to show you his body structure. This was shot inside of the Indian temple where the wedding took place. After the ceremony. I used one flash. Not a Micro Four Thirds Camera. Shot interior with a Canon.

    To me this type of shots we have to do as wedding photographers. Nothing very artistic. But every couple wants one. Some pose better, some don't. In this case he was very uneasy posing for it. You can see from his shot. Her on the other hand posed better for this type of shot.

  6. CUB

    CUB Guest

    Wise words. If I am brutally honest, shooting weddings became a mechanical act for me.

    The stress of ensuring I got all the traditional group shots and portraits meant I had little inclination to be creative. The result was a business that paid my mortgage and renewed my gear (and my car) when I needed, but I never won any prizes for innovation or for creativity beyond the norm.

    On the other hand, most potential customers came to me through word of mouth recommendations. As a result, they mostly knew exactly what they would get; a traditional wedding album with all the images that their friends and family wanted, to a standard and at a price they could afford.

    I don't shoot weddings any more. The stress is too great. :wink:
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  7. I got into photographing weddings when a lucritive commercial client went belly up. It meant at first to replace fast the lost income.

    Then I started having fun with it without pushing to collect clients.

    Almost 50% of my clietele is word of mouth the rest are brand new clients. Some of these people became regular clients. Portraits, babies, pregnancy shots etc...

    As a former fashion designer, I had a background to function well in high stress situations. Suprisingly I actually thrive under stress. Funny isn't it?

    Stress and crwativity was a part of my life when I was in the fashion industry. Shooting weddings worked for me.

    I never tought I would photograph weddings. I am a quality control freak. With a studio photography background. I was scared to miss the shots. They only have a day, and you only have few hours. You can't return and reshoot or direct during cermeonies people.

    When I shoot events, I do not think. I record the moments to the smallest detail. Much like a photojournalist.



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  8. On the other hand, this kiss was between the couple who very much loved kissing each other. You can see how real it looks.

    I saw the mirror, we were going into the reception room. I stopped them, made them pose and shot their reflection through the mirror. High ISO, no flash. Personally I love this shot.

    Second marriage for both of them.

    Edited in PS. To give that hand painted old fashion photo look.

  9. dgorman47

    dgorman47 Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 13, 2012
    Zack Arias has a great blog post about weddings that I've been digging.
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  10. I had read his Blog indeed. Zac shoots manly music bands as a pro now of days earing a modest living from the medium. Tottaly different ball game.

    It is soo easy to critique when one has never experienced it as the main photographer, not as an assistant.

    But at least he understands the industry.

    There is a certain hidden hate relationship between both genres.

    When people see that you take home for a 6 hours coverage between $1000.00 and $ $1500.00 after any expanses, I mean net income, people think it is easy to go ahead buy the gear and do it.

    If they can't do it then they go and badmouth the photographers who shoot weddings.

    PS: I am happy you shared his Blog link. I hope more people come around and voice their opinions here. I won't bite you know? :wink:



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  11. dgorman47

    dgorman47 Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 13, 2012
    I don't know Zack personally but he had said he assissted and then also shot weddings as a main photographer. I also didn't interpret the post as badmouthing wedding photographers. If anything he seemed to be saying we should respect a good photographer regardless of what their bread and butter subject is. BTW I've looked at your stuff and I must say bravo and you work in what has to be my favorite city:) 
  12. I sometimes express myself soo badly...

    I did not mean Zac badmouthed. But many others do. He actually observed the entire thing very well and wrote eloquently.

    I do know of his work. But I don't know him personally.

    Montreal is a great city indeed. Thank you.

    Where are you from?



  13. dgorman47

    dgorman47 Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 13, 2012
    Connecticut but I visit Montreal every so often and spent my honeymoon there. Great food and the most friendly people:) 
  14. Nate Crisman

    Nate Crisman Mu-43 Rookie

    May 23, 2012
    I have the EXACT same story. Shot weddings for 3 years, got it down to where every event was exactly the same to me, and then the stress completely ruined it for me once the new-ness wore out.

    Same old stuff:
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  15. zap

    zap Mu-43 Veteran

    Jul 23, 2012
    nice shots!! it might be the same thing to observers... boy kisses girl, he in tux, she in white, blah blah... but to the individuals involved (including their family and friends), it is a very unique and special occasion so we can't really say it's same old same old...:biggrin:

    seeing how everybody is born, lives and eventually passes on, with the same reasoning, we might as well not bother to celebrate our own individual lives.:wink:
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  16. Nate, thank you for sharing some of your shots. I like the B&W's. Great angles.

    Luckly I do not only shoot weddings, and I shoot very few compared to some photographers I know. That's all they do.

    This may be the reason I am not YET boared or stressed.

    I think if I worked every single week-end of my summers photographing a wedding, in short time I would feel blaze as well. It isn't the case for me. YET!

    Regarding "Same Old" stuff... I shoot fair maount of head shots. It is the most repetitive part of my photography business. Even there I like the people. I meet very intyeresting fellows through it. Not one person is the same, nor their life story.

    To us, what it is the "same old" isn't the same for the client. For them it is new and exciting. They feed upon the photographer's energies and mood.



  17. WELL SAID!

  18. Maybe next time you visit my city, you let me know, we can go and have a drink and meet.

    It was great to meet a fellow member, Warren and his lovely wife from our forum here when we were is SF recently.

  19. Narnian

    Narnian Nobody in particular ...

    Aug 6, 2010
    Richmond, VA
    Richard Elliott
    I have shot about a half dozen weddings in my early years - generally for friends or relatives from whom the cost of a professional photographer was prohibitive. I never charged and the negatives were our wedding gift. I would rate myself as mediocre at best.

    My camera of choice was the Mamiya C330 twin lens - I liked being able to see the picture when it was taken as I often was able to catch people blinking.

    I was probably the bane of many wedding photographers as I often gave my negatives to the couple for weddings we attended. Some when they saw my gear would welcome me up and others made it clear they wanted me to stay out of their way. In all cases I deferred to the photographers wishes as this was their job. For the nice photographers I was sometimes asked to assist and even loaned them some flashes or other gear.

    One photographer (who made it clear he did not want me taking any pictures when he saw my gear was better than his 35mm) kept changing the lineups fast so as not to allow anybody to get good photos of the posed shots. I heard a week later from our friends his camera was broken and they had no shots at all from him so the few shots I had became their wedding pictures.
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