Photographers behaving badly


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Nov 27, 2015
what I was getting at is @PhotoCal talks about how he is such a great photographer and all of us are beneath him and if he was such a great photographer he would have included the sign in the photograph. If I was wanting to tell a story about someone breaking a rule that is clearly posted I would include the sign and the person breaking the rule in the photograph. That is story telling 101. Like when I wanted to tell my story about bike packing down the Denali Highway and part of that story was the remoteness and hazards of the area I took a photograph that included the sign letting you know about those hazards.

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A good photographer would know this and include the sign so they don't have to say anything. In the OP's post the photo just looks like a photo of a photographer taking photos, he has to tell you what the photograph means. If I have to write something to explain the photograph I have failed as a photographer/storyteller.

my two copper pieces,

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Jun 20, 2015
Massachusetts, USA
@Phocal I agree with you about story telling, but that doesn't seem like the intent of the post.
I will just say that a certain holier than thou "contributor" seems to only want to post if he can put down the membership here about how we are un-creative, doing it wrong, are too wrapped up in gear, are not true photographers, and even in one post after telling us he doesn't listen to random strangers on the internet in the same post tells us not following his advice because of how great he is at our own folly.

In this particular post he gave us all a big break. He wasn't insulting any of us directly as usual. But as usual, the post's intent was to put someone down for not doing it right.

While that might sound harsh, keep in mind the expression that you reap what you sow. In this case, due to our conditioning of being talked down to all the time by our self proclaimed savior, our knee jerk reaction is to press back, even when the subject is not us specifically. The intent of the post may not have been story telling through photography, but it was certainly intended to make someone look bad. Even if not directed at one of us specifically, we are getting tired of it.


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Aug 18, 2020
I hope you stuck to the trail to get that photo @PhotoCal :)
I did stay on the sidewalk.
And I checked and was not able to find that this "photographer" had permission.

The number of people here defending such behavior is a problem.
We're not talking about brushing against a twig. We're talking about blatant entitlement to ignore posted rules that exist to protect wildlife and other natural resources.

But we also see people posting/praising images of abandoned structures that are usually private/restricted property.

No wonder so many people have negative attitudes about photographers (such as believing they are paparazzi and/or creeps).

If us photographers don't call out bad behavior, others will.


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May 18, 2020
In my 16+ years of photography, openly pointing my camera at complete strangers on the streets, I can't remember experiencing any such negative attitudes. Sometimes these strangers even offer to pose for the camera for me. Seems to me you are the one with a negative attitude toward photographers and painting them with a broad brush and overreacting about their behaviors and making too many assumptions about their wrongdoings. You just need to chill out, man.
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