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Feb 19, 2010
Pickering, Ont Canada
Has anyone here tried Photo Ninjia ? I am trying it with a temporary 2 week license and find it can give amazing results sometimes. I am curious how others are liking or disliking it.
I came across it while searching for Noise Ninjia which does not seem to be available now but is included in Photo Ninjia. For those not familiar with it here is their web site . If you want to try it send them an email requesting the 2 week license.

PictureCode home page: Photo Ninja

I use LR4 and have been pleased with the results and I am undecided whether to purchase Photo Ninjia when the 2 week license expires.


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Mar 13, 2010
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I have recently downloaded Photo Ninja and have been very pleased with how it can recover detail in highlights and shadows that other editors struggle with and which the camera claims are blown out. Also the "detail" function can render image detail not recovered by other programs. I feel that it can be a little slow to progress changes, but at least there is an icon that indicates changes are being progressed.

It has fewer camera profiles than other editors, so for Panasonic which interests me no official support for older models such as the G1 and GF1, although they both open. The GF1 seems to open normally claiming to be a GH2, however the G1 seems to open with a cast that suggests it has been shot with the wrong white balance.

There seem to be no lens profiles which has to be overcome by training the program to correct the lenses you are using. That is probably straightforward for primes, but rather more involved for zoom lenses.

However my initial experiences suggest that it is well worth persisting with.


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