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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Clint, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Clint

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    Apr 22, 2013
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    Early in my career I was lucky to have several renowned photographers in New York City mentor me. These guys chose to have me submit one photo to several photo competitions. Due to these photographers, I had access to the judges to ask their views about the photo I submitted.

    It was a pretty long process getting one photo they all agreed on, and the only changes I could make between each competition was dodging, burning, and cropping ā€“ unitl they told me different. After the results from each competition I would sit down with these photographers and explain what I learned.

    After the first two competitions these guys just nodded at everything I said. Then they would get together and tell me what the next competition was, and the requirements for submission.

    After the third competition I again sat down with them and explained what I had learned. When I was done they kept looking at each other, then started laughing! One of them left and returned with a decent sized old Coleman green ice chest, pulled out a beer and handed it to me, then passed the rest around. Nothing else was said that day about photography.

    The lessons I learned, I have taught and use till this day. But I have never seen anything similar put in writing until today -

    I do apologize upfront as this is advertisement for CreativeLive ā€“ however the content of this could significantly change many people's photography for the better.
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  2. bigboysdad

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    Looks interesting Clint, is there any way to view it without having to subscribe first? I only got as far as the first paragraph before the pop up blocked me.
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    It is interesting, for sure.

    It does pertain that the reader has some sort of base level understanding and/or skill set, as I read it. For me, I do have an technical understanding as to taking photographs, not much clue in LR, and has some hazy photo-theory, decades old and knows somehow what I like to see in an image, but am not good and/or specialized enough to enter the realms of "artsy", nor have I done much of that earlier on or been inclined to do so.

    Personally, I have given myself some informal tasks as to breaking into photography once more, and am working on getting the camera system under my skin and getting some sort of understanding of LR going.

    I could very much do with some peer review on my photos, and getting to where I actually knows which questions I need to ask myself, and know how to answer them. For now, I am shooting, if not blind, somewhat impaired. :)
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    You can get the whole article by entering your e-mail. It will put your on their newsletter list, but you can always unsubscribe.

    If you get the pop-up, just click on the X in the upper right corner.
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    It doesn't even verify your email address, so when you enter the address and hit the button it immediately downloads the article. So just put any fake email address in there.
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    Folks here have often offered good (and useful) advice without a thread turning into something resembling a shout fest. You could put up one image and see how it goes.

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