Photo Book - the LAST of Europe, I promise!

Ray Sachs

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Apr 17, 2010
Near Philadephila
Well, I think I've finally finished working through all of my European shots. It a lot to deal with that many photographs. At first, you just grab a handful that catch your eye and put 'em up as evidence of the trip? Then you spend more time finding more you like (and don't like). And finally, for me at least, there's the black and white phase, where you go through and start converting a bunch of shots you hadn't given the time of day to before and some of them look really good in black and white that were of no consequence at all in color.

So, anyway, I put together a memory type of photo book for my wife and I to remember the trip by - this isn't that - I don't think that would be of ANY interest to anyone but us and the best photos used in it you've seen before in one context or another anyway. But this 'Blurb' book is sort of my own entertainment - just photography for photography sake - no attempt at a travelogue. ALMOST all black and white because that's what I love most, although there are several color shots that just didn't translate well to B&W but that I liked enough to include. And my price break came at 160 pages, so there's some filler in here that I wouldn't have included if I'd been limited to, say, 100 pages.

Nonetheless, its very quick to flip through if you have any interest at all. Blurb will try to sell you a copy, but I'm not - I'm pretty sure this URL avoids all of those for sale offers and should just take you straight to the preview of the book. And just to assure you that I'm not trying some sneaky attempt to advertise, I don't get a penny in the extremely unlikely event that someone other than me actually buys a copy. So this is just a convenient way to view this online, not a sales attempt!

So, feel free to browse, or not. I think this is the last you'll see of these Europe trip shots. I'm even starting to get sick of them myself, which is a sign that I might be ready to move on and starting shooting locally again (my attempts so far have been futile - just no inspiration, but it'll come).

The Mediterranean in (mostly) Black and White | Book Preview

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