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Pentax SMC 50mm 1.4 vs Konica Hexanon 50mm 1.7

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by timramisu, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. timramisu

    timramisu New to Mu-43

    Aug 15, 2011
    Dear All,

    I just sold my SIGMA DP-1, and I am considering to join the M4/3 family. While I am bidding a NEX-3 on ebay, I start to thinking of which prime lens I am going to fit on my NEX. Sharpness is my priority.

    The following lens are on my target list:
    1) Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.4
    2) Konica Hexanon 50mm f/1.7
    3) Canon FD 50mm f/1.4
    4) Minolta MD 50mm f/1.4

    After doing two-day research, I figure out that the Pentax, Konica, and Canon is much sharper than the Minolta, which I list it at the bottom of the list. It seems Pentax SMC has less reputation than Canon's and Hexanon, however the SMC's samples are gorgeous. Hexanon is also top of my consideration list since buhla.de comments the f/1.7 as the "premium, first class lens" and it gets positive feedback from the users.

    Does anyone own two or more of these lens? Thank you :smile:
  2. nickthetasmaniac

    nickthetasmaniac Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 11, 2011
    First up, I'm surprised your research found the Minolta to be sub-par - everything I've heard about them how been very positive (never used one myself though).

    I have a lot of experience with the fast Pentax 50s, but which one do you mean? There were five iterations in K-mount - 'K', 'M', 'A', 'F' and 'FA' (still in production).

    The K was the original, the M a smaller variant to go with the tiny M-series bodies, the A introduced a setting for auto-aperture, and F and FA were auto-focus.

    I've used the SMC M50/f1.7 and SMC M50/f1.4 extensively and loved them both - the 50/f1.7 is probably a tad sharper wide-open and is about half the size, it's also a little less prone to flare due to less glass. The 50/f1.4 is obviously faster. Both are exceptionally sharp from f4 onwards.

    If it's an issue for you the 50/f1.7 can be found very cheap, so I'd consider that as well.

    Here's my flickr set for Pentax lenses on my GH2 - look at the tags but most were shot with the M50/f1.4.
    Pentax on the GH2 - a set on Flickr

    Also, if you haven't found it yet Pentaxforums.com is an excellent source for lens reviews. Here's the Pentax 50/f1.4s (note that there were also K and A 50/f1.2s if you feel like paying extra...)

    Pentax 50mm F1.4 Reviews - K Prime Lenses - Pentax Lens Reviews & Complete Lens Database

    Pentax-M 50mm F1.4 Reviews - M Prime Lenses - Pentax Lens Reviews & Complete Lens Database

    Pentax-M 50mm F1.7 Reviews - M Prime Lenses - Pentax Lens Reviews & Complete Lens Database

    Pentax-A 50mm F1.4 Reviews - A Prime Lenses - Pentax Lens Reviews & Complete Lens Database

    Pentax-FA 50mm F1.4 Reviews - FA Prime Lenses - Pentax Lens Reviews & Complete Lens Database

    I'd seriously check out the SMC M50/f1.7 - it's got great performance, perfect size, and is ridiculously cheap. If you do decide to get a Pentax, check out the For Sale page at the above forum - much better prices and range that fleaBay ;) 
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  3. timramisu

    timramisu New to Mu-43

    Aug 15, 2011
    Dear nickthetasmaniac,

    I had never been a huge fan of Pentax until entering the sample image achieve of this forum.

    Link: https://www.mu-43.com/f81/pentax-50mm-1-4-smc-pentax-m-k-mount-image-thread-6540/

    Thank you for noticing me the five iterations, or else I believe I would buy the wrong lens if I purchase Pentax lens in the near future.

    I am not saying that Minolta is not sub-par. But while my consideration is sharpness, I feel it is not as sharp as Konica and Canon imo.

    **By the way, I just found out that you are the one who posted the photos on that particular post! I do like your photos a lot, and you are the one who make me face the dilemma between Hexanon and SMC. Anyways, thank you for your info, and especially the photos!

    Last Question: What's the reason for you to choose f/1.4 over f/1.7 besides speed?
  4. WT21

    WT21 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    Just curious -- did you mean you are getting an m43 camera or a NEX camera? If you are going for NEX, it's a different system than m43. Have you visited TALKNEX.COM, the m43 sister site? Though, many people here do also have NEX cameras, too!

    In general, most of these lenses are a little soft wide open on digital bodies. I found the FD lenses to be very good, but a bit to heavy/clunky for my tastes. But the Pentax tends to render very beautifully, and also generally feels very nice to use/operate.
  5. Remember that heavy and clunky only applies to the orginal breech-lock Canon FD lenses. The new FDs are noticably smaller and lighter, and including the adapter are the same size as the equivalent Olympus OM lenses (often praised for their compact size) through the standard focal lengths.
  6. Ned

    Ned Mu-43 Legend

    Jul 18, 2010
    Alberta, Canada
    I'm pretty sure he meant he's getting a NEX and not Micro Four-Thirds. But I think more of us here use adapted legacy lenses so nonetheless this is still the best place to ask about these lenses he's wondering about, no matter if it's going on a NEX or Micro Four-Thirds body. ;) 

    It's not uncommon for people to think that Micro Four-Thirds encompasses all MIL (mirrorless interchangeable lens) cameras, as Micro Four-Thirds were after all the first ones there. :)  Just like some people say Xerox machine instead of photocopier, or Kleenex instead of tissue paper.
  7. nickthetasmaniac

    nickthetasmaniac Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 11, 2011
    Besides speed there isn't a reason!

    The M50/f1.4 is about twice as big as the M50/f1.7 (although both are reasonably compact - the K and A series were bigger).

    It will also cost roughly twice as much - expect to pay about $100USD for a mint f1.4, and about $50USD for a mint f1.7.

    Image quality is quite similar - both very sharp stopped down, very little light-fall off towards the corners (as you're only using the centre portion of the image circle on Micro Four Thirds), a bit of CA (more on the f1.4) and a bit of flare (more on the f1.4).

    I personally use the M50/f1.4 because I got it when I bought a Pentax LX film camera, otherwise I'd probably get a f1.7 :smile:
  8. nickthetasmaniac

    nickthetasmaniac Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 11, 2011
    Just one thing, the Pentax 'Takumar' and 'Super Takumar' lenses used the earlier M42 screw-mount.

    They're still good lenses (especially the ones with an SMC coating) but just be aware that they will need a different adapter.
  9. timramisu

    timramisu New to Mu-43

    Aug 15, 2011
    Dear Ned, WT21:

    The reason why I asked here is because...there's nearly none of the sample that I could see on the NEX forum. And I believe there are many professional users in this forum, so it pushes me to ask here =)

    So is there anyone using Hexxanon 1.7? I searched that nearly most of the Konica Hexanon lens score below average except the 50mm 1.7 and 1.4. Is there any huge difference between Hexanon 1.7 and SMC 1.7?
  10. chrism_scotland

    chrism_scotland Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 1, 2011
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    The FD lenses are nice I have the 50 f1.8 and its very lightweight, I believe the f1.4 is even better!

    It is correct however that that Breechlock lenses are fairly heavy, I have the FD 24 f2.8 and its a lovely lens and very very sharp but it is heavy, personally I like a bit of heft to my lenses, especially the legacy glass as it feels a lot more solid than some of the new ones!
  11. WT21

    WT21 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    No worries. That was what I was thinking, too. I've seen people refer to NEX as m43, and if the OP was a newbie (seems they aren't, actually) then I thought I'd let them know.

    TALKNEX is just getting started, and can use some more content and posters. Given what Amin is trying to do with 3 quality sites, I thought helping that site would be useful.
  12. nickthetasmaniac

    nickthetasmaniac Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 11, 2011

    Totally off topic, but what are the other two?
  13. WT21

    WT21 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    TALKNEX.com and Seriouscompacts.com (and this one)
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