Pentax auto 110 lens thread

Dec 10, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Karen McBride
Now I don't get it.
The bayonet part of the 110 lens is smaller than the opening of the C/CS adapter.
No friction around. That is where the glue comes into play.

I'm filing down the internally threaded end of one of the C/CS adapters to get the same focal flange as a proper C-mount lens (17.526 mm) on the Pentax-110 lens in combination with the unmodified C/CS adapter. I'm not filing down the externally threaded end. (The end you'll screw into the C to M4/3 adapter)

Then you'll have infinity focus when mounted in a C to M4/3 adapter. Or indeed in any camera with C-mount adapters available. I'm using my lenses in a Pentax Q, for instance.
Ok, now I understand.


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Feb 8, 2020
Eastern Denmark (annexed in 1658 by Sweden)
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My first Black Asahi Panhead is serial number # 1181537, one of (1.260.000 − 1.030.600 = worst case) 229.400 pieces, or (1.260.000 − 1058999 = best case) 201.001 pieces.

@ex machina has reported his Black Asahi Panhead as serial number # 1064870!

Update, as promised:

My second Black Asahi Panhead have the serial number # 1091401.

And, hard to believe, but the auto 110 I got with my zoom 20-40 mm in the deluxe case, in the above post, also was a Black Asahi Panhead, my third, with serial number # 1075654!

And all three are working! I really should get some film.

I'm slowly edging backwards, but @ex machina still has the earliest example in the thread!
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