Pentax 50mm f/2.8 SMC-A Macro Image Thread

MP Burke

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Jul 3, 2010
I have had a G2 for a couple of months and doing some macro photography with my old Pentax macro lens. The results are more successful than when I used the lens on my old Pentax MX, where I often seem to have believed I'd focussed the lens, but had failed miserably to do so.
In the crop of the common darter dragonfly the lens has managed to resolve some detail of the eyes, but only when I set the camera to take RAW images. I have turned down the NR on this image to try to resolve more detail.
The magnification makes the lens more useful for photographing damselflies, which are my primary interest, though a longer focal length would probably be more useful.


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Jan 13, 2010
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Jun 13, 2010
They look good, but be aware there are some dragonfly "kings" on this forum.
  • Composition-wise the left top one with two of them is best by far (with nice background brokeh as well)
  • Personally I always like to see the details like on the right top (longer lens will help)
  • The middle top shows the structure of the leave well (
  • The (left) bottom is maybe least interesting (light too direct)
Getting all good aspects within one picture is the challenge (and a maybe a little more color (in background)).
- But very, very good for first post here

Welcome on board!!!

PS: I own a A 50 mm F1.4 with a auto macro converter, but no DSLR (nor EVIL) yet...


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Aug 6, 2010
Richmond, VA
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Richard Elliott
Great pics! It is getting colder here and the insects are going to ground so I will have to wait until the spring to try to duplicate your excellent efforts.

I have a Pentax 50/4 macro on the way in and a Nikon 105/3.5 Micro-Nikkor I just got in. I hope to compare the two to see how well they work in the field and see if there is any advantage to the 105 over the 50. Distance is obvious but on my GF1 without the built-in IS the longer lens will also be a negative. If I get serious in my macro work I will probably have to look for a used Olympus.

I see there is a Nikon 105/3.5 thread so I will post some pictures over there. Since this thread is a 50/2.8 one I'll just have to make a 50/4 one. ;)

Since 50mm is equivalent to a 100mm a 50mm macro works well I believe for insects. The 105mm I have is equivalent to 210mm. I saw someone last month post pictures made with a Canon 200mm macro. Talk about a 400mm equivalent macro working distance!

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