Showcase Pentax 35-70mmm f/4 SMC lens

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    Mar 30, 2016
    New York / Bath
    27879021772_9a18d6a983_o.jpg Belvedere, Bath by Alex G, on Flickr
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    Mar 30, 2016
    New York / Bath
    The sun came out for the first time in a week this evening, so I took a 30 minute stroll around town with the Pentax 35-70 f/4 mounted on an E-M5 mk II with a Kiwifotos adapter. I was happy with the number of keepers I got - this is a really solid lens. It's not terribly fast, so not an obvious choice for easy subject separation or low light shots, but for street and architectural photography on a sunny day, for example, it's a real pleasure to use. Beautiful, 80s Pentax build quality, and very sharp around f/8, with well-controlled CA. To my eye (or possibly my imagination) there's a sort of firmness and 'bottom end' to the images, to use an audio analogy, which makes them look great both straight OOC and also after some PP.

    The following were mostly shot between f/5.6 and f/9.5, at, um, a variety of focal lengths. I'll label them like this, for reference:
    • OOC — Raw files converted to jpegs in LR with a little sharpening but no tone adjustments.
    • MA — As above, but with minimal adjustments to exposure and/or contrast.
    • Else they've been processed more heavily, starting with a VSCO Film Lightroom preset.
    I'll also state when the image has been cropped.

    So, in shooting order:

    MA plus some defringing, cropped
    27413869103_4833148190_o.jpg Entrance to Victoria Park by Alex G, on Flickr

    OOC, no cropping
    27413755614_204ec8ccc7_o.jpg God Rays Over Bath by Alex G, on Flickr

    MA, slight crop
    27413994233_9773a4e6df_o.jpg On The Scent by Alex G, on Flickr

    Kodak Ektar 25, no cropping
    27413754714_b84c49c4f2_o.jpg Bench in Vicky Park by Alex G, on Flickr

    Kodak TRI-X 320, slight crop
    27747370720_7c6950d6f0_o.jpg Black and White Dogs Playing by Alex G, on Flickr

    MA, heavy crop
    27748107270_24dc46ee18_o.jpg Man and Black Dog Running by Alex G, on Flickr

    OOC, slight crop
    27413754204_a578115107_o.jpg Royal Crescent Sunset by Alex G, on Flickr

    MA, no cropping
    27413753554_846593202a_o.jpg Cute Alley Cat by Alex G, on Flickr

    There are a few more from this set on my Flickr page.
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