Pen-f vs e-m10 iii

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by cginex, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. mrfizzed

    mrfizzed Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 6, 2017
    New Jersey

    Pros of Pen-f
    imho has better
    Skyline and 20mp over 16mp (This doesn't matter to me on the mp). Pen-f has art dial and supposedly great monochrome setting

    E-m10 iii has 121 af points
    Much much cheaper
    Built in (albeit somewhat weak flash)

    What am I missing?
  2. Reflector

    Reflector Mu-43 All-Pro

    Aug 31, 2013
    Awesome FL-LM3 flash that you can aim for bouncing/etc.
    Art dial switch


    It makes people break down into extremely emotional and irrational cases over its sensor
    Solid entry level camera, especially for the transitioning-from-a-phone types... Wait a minute.

    Better say something about sarcasm here or I think I'll hurt people's feelings again.

    A lot of internet drama over pre release rumors. There's an entire thread some where here and on many other sites they have multiple threads.
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  3. Quadna71

    Quadna71 Mu-43 Regular

    May 25, 2016
    Pen F has fully articulating touchscreen - m10iii has a tilting touchscreen
    Pen F has little to no native grip on the front - m10iii has a front grip similar to m5ii
    Pen F has 1/8000 mechanical shutter - m10iii has 1/4000 mechanical shutter
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  4. mrfizzed

    mrfizzed Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 6, 2017
    New Jersey
    Very good info guys. If I am
    Keeping my em1 m2 which I think I am I am leaning towards the pen-f as a vacation camera. Right decision?
  5. Reflector

    Reflector Mu-43 All-Pro

    Aug 31, 2013
    ...Why not use the E-M1II for the vacation camera too?
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  6. Christop82

    Christop82 Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 10, 2016
    I would get a 10II instead of the 10III. If you're buying a em10 that is.
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  7. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    Pen F is a trendy enthusiasts' camera and is ace (I own one). The E-M10iii is a bodged attempt by Olympus to attract a market segment that probably doesn't exist. It's a dumbed-down camera that is best avoided if you have any pretensions to be a real photographer!

    There - I said it!
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  8. TheMenWhoDrawSheeps

    TheMenWhoDrawSheeps Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 15, 2016
    you´re missing E-m1.1 and e-m5ii as viable options%)

    5ii - the same thing as PenF + weather sealing, +bigger evf, -looks, - 2oMP sensor for half the price.
    1.1 - the same thing as 5ii + Phase detect AF, - High Res, - worse long exposures.

    it is easier to say what 10iii lack -
    customization - no more confusing freedom, you´ve got an entry lvl camera in your hands.
    rc mode - using oly flashes from the camera - same reason, too advanced.

    more focus points sounds great. sadly it has no impact if C-AF system is crap. So you are really better with 10ii of.
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  9. drd1135

    drd1135 Zen Snapshooter

    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    This. These are cheaper and perfectly fine. I am also curious about not taking the em1 II on vacation or do you simply want a back up?
  10. mrfizzed

    mrfizzed Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 6, 2017
    New Jersey
    Looking for a backup or a body to have a different lens on for quick shots. I like the idea of a small camera like pen-f with a nifty fifty (25mm obviously) on it semi permanently for those street shots etc
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  11. PeeBee

    PeeBee Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Sep 17, 2012
    If considering an EM10iii, I'd wait until Olympus realise they've completely overpriced it as a beginners camera and the price drops inline with it's peers. Or get a Mkii now.
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  12. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
    My vote goes to the Pen-F. Keep an eye on the Olympus outlet store and buy it refurbished!
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  13. Lcrunyon

    Lcrunyon Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Jun 4, 2014
    The PEN F has a slightly different intent than the other Olympus cameras, and if exploring this new way of shooting is something that appeals to you, then I think it would be a worthy back up camera. It is specifically designed to allow artistic creativity straight out of the camera -- which means the ability to instantly share JPEG's in the moment. The only way the art dial is a detriment or con is if either it gets in the way of your fingers (which is the case for some but not others) or you don't want the capability it provides. If it's the latter, then while the PEN F still functions perfectly fine as a regular camera, you won't be getting the full value of what you pay for, and it won't bring anything new to the table that your E-M1 Mkii doesn't already provide (except some style points).

    The difference between the E-M10 Mkii and Mkiii really depends on whether or not you need what the Mkiii is getting rid of. Do you customize your camera buttons? Will you need to use remote flash with your back up camera? If the answer is no to these things, then what you are getting from the Mkiii over the Mkii is 4K capability (which you already have) and an easier menu to navigate. I'm not sure if there's anything else, for example whether Olympus is using the new processor. That all said, if you don't need the 4K, and if the Mkii price is significantly cheaper, the Mkii is a great camera.

    Personally, I'd be more interested in the PEN F. It adds some new, interesting ways to shoot that you don't already have, and its form factor means that it is still pocketable in the same way that an E-M10 body would be. However, I would see if I could get my hands on one first, because you may or may not like the placement of the art dial.
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  14. aKilter

    aKilter Mu-43 All-Pro

    Dec 13, 2013
    Better yet...wait till there's a discount code(usually for an additional 20% off, and offered about 4 times a year) for the outlet store. That's what I did!
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  15. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
    Oh yeah, I forgot about the discount code! I bought mine the same way! :D
  16. mrfizzed

    mrfizzed Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 6, 2017
    New Jersey
    Thank you everyone
  17. retiredfromlife

    retiredfromlife Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    May 15, 2016
    Sydney, Australia
    PenF is a really nice camera but there are reported problems with the latest firmware. It is also a camera I would like to get one day just for a fun camera. I really like the front dial.
  18. gryphon1911

    gryphon1911 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Mar 13, 2014
    Central Ohio, USA
    I think that the pro/con approach doesn't apply to you in this situation. The right camera should really be based on the capabilities you need and what you are willing to pay.

    I'd lay out the features of all the m43 cameras that interest you and then eliminate the ones that do not have the feature set you require. Then, look at the price and ergonomics of the ones that are left and pick accordingly.

    If all you need is a camera to use as a pickup for an additional focal length...I'm not sure the price of aa PEN-F makes sense. A used EM10 II or EM5 II might make more sense, especially from an economic one. I will say, though that I have a PEN-F and absolutely love it.
  19. ijm5012

    ijm5012 Mu-43 Legend

    Oct 2, 2013
    Pittsburgh, PA
    While people go "what about this camera" and "what about that camera", the question I have is, why not use your E-M1 II on vacation? It's the best Olympus m43 camera to date, and to be honest, I can't really think of an area where the Pen-F would excel when compared to the E-M1 II. One thing that is much nicer about the E-M1 II is the much larger EVF, which makes the camera nicer to use as it's less strain on your eyes.

    Also, speak of EVF's, there appears to be a documented "problem" with the Pen-F's EVF where if you're shooting with the sun to your back, it can affect the Pen-F's EVF eye sensor, and cause the EVF to turn off, even when you have your eye up to it. This could be annoying if you're shooting outdoors in strong sunlight (which you probably would be on vacation, right?).

    Personally, I'd put the money in to a travel account so that you could help fund another trip to take some more awesome pictures and create more memories with your friends/family. If you're looking for a secondary/backup camera for traveling (always a good idea IMO), I strongly recommend taking a look at either an E-M1 or an E-M5 II. Both go for around $500 used, and are excellent cameras. The E-M5 II will have features more in-line with your E-M1 II since it's a newer camera, but the button placement will be different (not a big deal in my findings, as I have an E-M1 II and E-M5 II, and use both regularly). The E-M1 is nice because the button placement is the same as the E-M1 II, however it does lack features like hi-res, and has worse long exposure noise performance (if that's an issue for you).

    FWIW, at one point I owned 2x E-M1's, an E-M5 II, and an E-M1 II. I sold both of the E-M1's, and am down to just the E-M1 II and E-M5 II. Both are fantastic cameras to take with you when traveling.
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  20. mrfizzed

    mrfizzed Mu-43 Regular

    Sep 6, 2017
    New Jersey
    And almost on cue Olympus outlet issues a 20% off code today and the e-m5 ii is $519!!! I think that may make up my mind!
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