Pen F Questions - Yours?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by CarlB, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. CarlB

    CarlB Mu-43 Veteran

    With the Olympus Pen F announcement being hours away and a specs list leaked, what questions do you have about this new camera? Please keep them away from rhetorical (i.e., none of the "why can't Olympus <snark>?")

    A few of mine:

    1. Will the sensor have "normal," "weak," or no anti-aliasing? Or ability to choose?
    2. Will non-lossy raw compression be available?
    3. Will Panasonic lens aperture rings be read? (I know, miniscule chance.)
    4. Is the front art filter dial able to be repurposed? (Much better chance of this.)
    5. Will a silent option be available? (Great chance of this. With screen folded in, great for unobtrusive snaps at plays, concerts)
    6. Will we need to wait for an Adobe camera profile for raw conversion?
    7. Will there be improvements aimed at focusing manual lenses?
  2. TNcasual

    TNcasual Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    I'm very interested in the what all the talk is about the monochrome adjustments. I want to know more about that.
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  3. CarlB

    CarlB Mu-43 Veteran

    In-camera mono-color filtering down to B&W would be great. (I.e., pre-conversion red, orange, yellow, green, blue filtering to make various scene elements "pop.")
  4. TNcasual

    TNcasual Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    Current Olympus cameras already do this.
  5. TonyG

    TonyG Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 15, 2012
    Ontario Canada
    Without significantly improved CAF and CAF tracking improvements the answer is no. Viewfinder, Art Filters, tilting viewfinder etc. are irrelevant to me. Those are all nice but pointless for BIF.
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  6. hemuni

    hemuni Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 18, 2014
    What is BIF?
  7. TNcasual

    TNcasual Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    Bird In Flight
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  8. hemuni

    hemuni Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 18, 2014
    Since the ep5 already pretty much covers anything I could ask for in a stills camera, the F doesn't really seem to add any usefull features to my photography needs. My question would be if we can please have a good strong video codec. That is really the only thing I have to complain about the ep5. It seems that Olympus is skipping 4K once again. That for me is unfortunate, since that would be the only reason for me to pay the early adopters tax. I might snag one up in a year or so, when the prices are down to a reasonable level.
  9. b_rubenstein

    b_rubenstein Mu-43 All-Pro

    Mar 20, 2012
    Melbourne, FL
    There will not be an anti-alias filter. A 20mp sensor has more densely spaced pixels, which raises the spatial frequency (think higher sampling frequency) which makes aliasing artifacts less likely. If they don't use one with a 16 mp sensor, they won't use one with a 20 mp sensor.

    We will not need a new Adobe profile; profiles are not required at all. We will have to wait for Adobe to support the new RAW file supported by a new camera.
  10. BLT

    BLT Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 13, 2013
    I think that is a good question. Panasonic's 'Picture in picture' (PIP) focus magnification rocks as a way to focus while maintaining reference of your general framing.

    I would also like to know more if the intended use of the massive front dial is of any use to me?
  11. Cederic

    Cederic Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 14, 2012
    When are they going to release a firmware update that lets me reprogram the front dial?
    When will prices drop to a level that's more reasonable for a camera with these features?

    I'm hoping by May or so for both, then I'll buy one.
  12. drd1135

    drd1135 Zen Snapshooter

    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    When are we getting those custom color leathers? $1200 for a body and I can't get orange? That's junk right there.:wink:
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  13. walter_j

    walter_j Mu-43 Top Veteran Subscribing Member

    Sep 10, 2013
    Hagwilget, B.C., Canada
    Is the sensor an improvement over e-m5 in regards to noise reduction for astrophotography
  14. DHart

    DHart Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Jan 7, 2010
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    The camera has a lot of appeal, though over priced, IMV.

    What concerns me most is the placement of that stupid switch on the front panel. I think it could become irritating against the second finger of the right hand. An effects wheel is the last thing I need hanging off the front of the camera close to where I am gripping it. That is likely the worst physical aspect of this camera.
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  15. TonyG

    TonyG Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 15, 2012
    Ontario Canada
    Thus encouraging the purchase of an acessory grip at an inflated price.
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  16. Clint

    Clint Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Apr 22, 2013
    San Diego area, CA
    1. no anti-aliasing, No
    2. Yes
    3. Can't find any references but probably not
    4. No, at least not from what I can see in the instruction manual
    5. Yes
    6. Yes, since Adobe just released an update will have to wait for another Adobe Raw update
    7. Yes, more options for peaking
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  17. Cederic

    Cederic Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 14, 2012
    So without asking you the specific software you use, does this mean that the ORF files are compatible with the ORF files from prior Olympus models? i.e. do you think my software (Lightroom) that handles pl5 ORF files will cope with the 'F ones?

    ...and why am I even asking, given you've already told us where to find some example ORFs. Sorry. I'll go and do my own tests :)
  18. barry13

    barry13 Super Moderator; Photon Wrangler Subscribing Member

    Mar 7, 2014
    Southern California
    @Cederic@Cederic, Adobe apps reportedly won't handle the new ORF files, yet.

    I have a question... How long before Google stops giving me film cameras when I search for Pen-F?
    (I'm guessing another month or so.)
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  19. MichaelSewell

    MichaelSewell Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Sep 1, 2015
    Burnley, UK
    Michael A. Sewell
    If I Google digital Olympus Pen F, I get the new camera, complete with sales info, images etc etc.

    There is some reference to the legacy Pen further down the page
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2016
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  20. kingduct

    kingduct Mu-43 Veteran

    Oct 12, 2013
    How does it play with the Panasonic 20mm? Specifically, with the new sensor, are banding problems at high ISO resolved? And what about focus speed?
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