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Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Robstar1963, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Robstar1963

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    Jun 10, 2011
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    Robert (Rob)
    I thought it would be helpful and informative to existing and new users of various M43 cameras to have a series of 'Hints and Tips' threads
    I would suggest that the threads be limited to and specific to mainly newly or recently released Bodies (older bodies will have already had many threads generated with regard to such matters)
    I would invite entries from anyone wishing to add further information, hints and tips and those wishing to ask specific questions with regard to the operation of each specific model
    It would be helpful if we could please keep the threads on topic without unecessary discussion being added so that they can be used for quick access for operational advice and info.
    We may then have a simple guide for each model rather than several threads for various operational matters
    I don't have a PEN F yet so feel free to kick this one off with an operational question or hint
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  2. toggen

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    Mar 11, 2016
    Nice idea!
    I have a Olympus Pen F.
    Not any 'Hints and Tips' yet,
    But rather a question; Is the menu system
    very similar to the latest Olympus MFT models?
    If so, we have some tips already!

  3. Catch22nm

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    May 10, 2015
    My tip for the pen F is simple

    Make a plan for your custom dials and set them up. it may take an hour to get it perfect but you will save tons of time in your workflow. remember each custom mode myset will also remember which creative dial setting you had selected when you created it. This means I can recall completely different front dial mode prefs for each myset(C1-C4) this way you can instantly be on your favorite modes that fit each type of shooting best

    Here is an example of how I schemed my custom modes

    C1 Every day mode
    -Aperture Priority, S-AF, Raw+JPEG, Single shot, Front dial monochrome: mode 2, Front dial Color: vivid reds and purples.

    C2 Silent (church) mode, Aperture priority, silent shutter, S-AF, Raw+ Jpg, turn off af light, Front dial monochrome: mode 3, Front dial Color: vivid blues

    C3 Action/wildlife A mode, C-Af, Raw, 4 FPS, ""

    C4 long exposure/ Astrophotography, Manual mode, MF, Raw, 20 sec exposure, Iso 1600 , IS off. """"

    These are just examples, make them your own and make this camera work for you!!
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  4. Dogman

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    Dec 23, 2012
    I just discovered a "hidden" feature in the PEN-F when using adapted lenses. "Hidden" in the sense that it is found buried down deep in the menu system. Before finding this feature, I was inputting the adapted lens focal length into the SCP IS setting each time by using the INFO button...a real pain. I found that in the Custom menu K (Utility) setting, there is an item called, "Lens Info Setting," in which you can create lens information for each of your adapted lenses. That is, add the name of an adapted lens (e.g., Leica Summilux), its focal length (e.g., 35mm), and its max aperture (e.g., 1.4). After you save these settings, you will be able to select the adapted lens name, and it will automatically be used for the IS lens setting. But, first, you must go into Custom menu B (Button/Dial->Button Function) and reassign one of the buttons to "Lens Info Settings." I reassigned the REC video button to "Lens Info Settings," but you can use any assignable button. Then, when I press the REC button, a selection of the lens information will show up, and I can select which adapted lens to use for the IS setting without having to go diving into the menu system. Also, the lens information will show up in the Exif information.

    It takes a little time when you first input each lens information, but I found the result is worth it.
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  5. zx7dave

    zx7dave Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 5, 2013
    This is not necessarily a tip, rather a observation...
    Under Custom Menu "D" Peaking Settings, I chose Red as the highlight color, but I seem to have to put the Highlight Intensity on high when I am shooting in normal to bright daylight otherwise you can't really see the red outline. There is a significant difference between the normal and the high settings. Something I hope will get reviewed in a firmware update because the high outlines so much in red it makes it challenging to get a tight focus. Because of this I find MF a lot more challenging than on a GH4...
  6. Kathie

    Kathie New to Mu-43

    Apr 24, 2016
    I need help. I bought a E-P2 (used), and the salesperson set up the exposure button (to the right of the shutter button, in case I am not calling this button by the correct name) to serve as a toggle between auto focus and manual focus. I am a newbie to this camera! I have searched the manual and on the Internet as to how to simply do this toggle. Can someone please advise? I unwittingly did something to lose the setting. I have used this camera for about 2 weeks now, without any mishap - but tonight, I upset the apple cart. Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give to me.
  7. wjiang

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    Welcome to the forum Kathie. As the title indicates, this thread is for the newly released PEN F, not the E-P2 you're having trouble with. Might I suggest that in future you create a new thread under Olympus cameras to seek assistance? You might have better luck finding help that way.

    As for your camera setup, this is just my opinion but if you're not familiar with how to set up your camera, you should probably do a factory reset and leave the control assignments at defaults. Once you become familiar with it you can learn to change the default settings from using the instruction manual.
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  8. Kathie

    Kathie New to Mu-43

    Apr 24, 2016
    Oh, my apologies! I did not realize I was in the wrong section. Thank you! I will seek help elsewhere, perhaps in this forum as you suggest or I just may go back to the store where I got the camera! The settings for the E-M10 and E-M1 (both that I own) are most straightforward in the section for buttons/dial in regard to toggling auto and manual focus.... but not for this E-P2 that I am having trouble with. Again, I am most sorry that I posted here. With kind regards, ~ Kathie
  9. wyluncustoms

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    Mar 25, 2013
    has anyone tried video recording w/ the Pen F yet? When I record, I noticed i cant use the touch screen to focus where i want, and when using S-AF, I can refocus w/ just slightly touching the shutter button, (which I have used many times in older OMD models)

    any help? thanks.