Pelican case, should I? And if so what size?


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Nov 21, 2010
I had a Pelican 1200 for my D3000 and minimal gear. I hated how I was fighting for space as it was too small.

I just sold all my nikon gear (10 minutes ago!), and I'm loving my GH2.

I'm primarily in the GH2 for video, but will also do a lot of photos.

I've just got the 20mm and 3 short manual lenses now. I'm planning on picking up the 7-14, 45-200, and a flash/led light.

Would the 1450 be big enough?

What are other people using? Ive got kids, and spend a lot of time outside. I live in Oregon, so is often wet and raining.

Thoughts? I might get a small bag for running around to hold a lens or two also.


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Jul 2, 2010
Some call it the arm pit of NYC.
I figure get the largest that is allowed on a plane as a carry on. The Pelican 1510 which is also a roller. Never know when you would need all the space but you don't want to go so large that you would be forced to check in. It should also be big enough for those car trips as well. Mine is used all year round to store equipment. Make sure you get the divider set instead of the pluck foam. I once travelled "lightly" and had a change of cloths inside with my net book too.


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May 16, 2010
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
I suspect the size would depend on what you were doing with it. In my case I have a Pelican Case that I use to take canoeing with me. Because we were wilderness canoeing I got a case that was just big enough and no more, as I do hate to carry an ounce extra on portages. Mine was big enough to carry a Nikon F5 with two lenses a small flash, lots of batteries, a few filters and all the film I would use. I don't suspect you are doing the same as I did so just figure out what you want to use it for and let that determine what you get.

An in case you wonder how good they are, I set my gear upright next to a slope, and our rambunctious dog knocked it over. It rolled, hopped, skipped, jumped, and fell almost 20 feet and landed in a lake, I retrieved the case mopped it off and opened it up to see that the gear hadn't even moved a bit. For rough use it is the best bit of camera insurance that I ever bought.


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Jan 7, 2011
check these guys out. You can find a case based on dimensions and they also offer custom foam service. I used them last year and would use them again.

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