Pebbles (feline-osity)


Mu-43 Regular
I can't wait for my Epson 3880 to show up. I'm POSITIVE I can get full-sized prints with the E-P2 and 50/2 Oly.

20/1.7 still on order, and next addition will probably be the Zeiss 100/2.

Only changes to this photo are: reduced in size to 25% for web-viewing; a fake vignette, auto levels on luminosity channel (Oly colours are great) and a fake layer where I brightened her eyes a bit:

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Gorgeous cat! Has a similar look to ours when I'm chasing them around the house with whatever my latest lens is demanding a photo.


Mu-43 Regular
Yeah, she has been a pretty good sport about it, so has her brother. Very hard to get them to stay still long enough to focus on their eyes, at least with the macro - which is an awesome lens, when it focuses LOL...which it does tend to do (focus) at least 5-10% of the time:)