Pany 7-14 or 3 my current 7.5mm & 14mm+GWC1

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    Nov 18, 2013
    I really like my 7.5mm & 14 GWC1 - I must have a good 14mm as I've never had a shot with it or the convertor declined by the stock houses. But I am a zoom guy and I see quite a few of the 7-14mm here used for the mid $500's. Knowing me, I will keep both of my current lenses - he 7.5mm for the ultra wide FE effect and the 14/GWC1 as it is part of my small EP5 travel kit.

    When I had my Nikon gear, I used my 12-18mm a lot on DX, but almost always at 12mm. Is the zoom sharper than my two options?