Panny 12mm f/1.7 ... sort of

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    Oct 29, 2010
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    I was looking through some of the "pieces" that I acquired to try and make my G12 into a pseudo-interchangeable lens camera (obviously, it didn't satisfy my needs) and found my nice Century Optics 0.6X wide angle lens. I tried to hand-hold it over some of my lenses, but found that I couldn't get it to focus properly without holding it 4-12 inches away, depending on the focal length. Then, I remember my Century Optics +2 Achromatic Diopter (yes, I went a little crazy on Ebay; though, I did get good deals on everything.) I held it up front and, voila, it worked. Unfortunately, it came with a 37mm-58mm step-up ring, so until I can get a 46mm-58mm step-up ring, it will remain hand held.

    Here's the setup:


    The original (20mm f/1.7) FOV:


    The new (pseudo-12mm f/1.7) FOV:


    Don't judge the photo quality yet, as I was holding the two parts together and focusing with my pinky. Plus, the curtain actually was coming down in a curve. Oh, and I may have had it tipped up slightly relative to the camera, because there is some distortion at the bottom, but almost none up top.

    Once I get the right adapter, I'll post some real shots.