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    For those who value the WiFi capabilities of the current Panasonic cameras, you may have noticed some people saying that the GX7 loses contact with their phone/ Pad.

    I thought I'd check it out and it's quite interesting. Note, I am not a technical man but as a guide -20dBm is about what you might get next to a really powerful home WiFi router, -50dBm is stronger than -60dBm and the scale is logarithmic so -60dBm is twice as strong as -63dBm. Anyone can shoot me down on this - however, the measurements are absolute and so do represent comparative strength, even if I don't understand what I am doing :confused: 

    Since WiFi signals vary, I have averaged these over several samples. Actually, they are quite consistent anyway.

    At 50cm
    GM1 -60dBm
    GH3 -60dBm
    GX7 -63dBm

    So, the GX7 output is half that of the GM1 and GH3

    At 6m

    GM1 -72dBm
    GH3 -72dBm
    GX7 -86dBm

    At 6m range, the GX7 is much, much weaker.

    This explains why, at home, I use WiFi to upload my pictures to my computer with my GM1 and GH3 but have to plug the card into my computer with the GX7 whose WiFi transmission is just too slow.

    Why this disparity I have no idea.
  2. I wonder if it is a battery-savings strategy? Not so helpful in the studio, perhaps, but a weaker signal might make sense if trying to optimize for remote control via smartphone.
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