Panasonic Repairs - Recap of a Recent Event

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by rbsandor, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    Needing a lens repair, I went online (as I've done in the past with Nikon and Olympus) to generate a service order number. After filling out a form and hitting Enter, I got a message saying System Error. Next was an online chat where I was advised to send the item to the service center in McAllen, Texas with a note containing my contact info and sales slip. I was told that I'd be contacted by McAllen. The item was received on Feb 2. Not having heard anything by Feb 11, I called McAllen. A very nice person told me what the usual procedure was. If the item was under warranty, it would go into the repair queue. If not (my case) it would be returned to me with a note asking if I would authorize the repair bill ( a $287.00 charge in my case). I would provide cc info and return the item to McAllen. I asked if mine had been returned (it hadn't) and if I could provide the credit card info now (it could).
    I asked the person why such a time consuming and round about method was used. He said it was because very often people who sent in out of warranty items never called to find out the charges and after a while, McAllen just shipped the item back.
    I mentioned that both Nikon and Olympus used an online form and when the specific item was listed, it generated a charge for that item which you could decide to accept or not. If accepted you provided cc info, got a service order number and shipped the item for repair. He said that sounded a lot better, but such a change was beyond his control.
    His suggestion to avoid the waste of time and round trips was to contact McAllen at 866-907-9111 a few days after receipt of the item and get the repair estimate and authorize payment if desired. I hope this saves others from a lot of wasted time. Richard
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    Thanks for the info! I'm contemplating sending in a P/L 42.5mm lens someone gave me. It has AF issues on both the GM1 and E-P5 which indicates the problem is in the lens.:frown: I guess I need to call McAllen.
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