Panasonic Low Light Issue for Product Photo


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Oct 16, 2014
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Hey Guys,

I just started using my GH4 for product Photo(gaming computers) and I'm trying to take two pictures and cut them together. I take one photo lit properly and one under exposed to make the shadows and internal LEDs pop a little more. When I take the underexposed photo, I'm seeing pixels in the black shadows.

Is this a camera issue or am I just using the camera incorrectly? I am fairly new to product photography and Panasonic so if anyone can help me out, I'd gladly appreciate it.


ISO 200


The JPEG really sucks, but as you can see on the computer some pixels. In RAW, there's a whole bunch.



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Jun 20, 2014
I might be completely wrong here but the metadata looks like the exposure has been pushed 2.45 stops?

If that is true it might just a reflection or something you can barely see coming up as noise in one area but not others as there isn't enough signal when pushed so far. Open the lens up a bit (I'd go for F/5.6 at the same duration and see how that works, it's a pretty good lens and I'd imagine it's sharper a bit closer to wide open than at F/11 and I suspect you wouldn't really need the DoF).

If the exposure wasn't pushed (I'm reading the metadata wrong), try doing a pixel mapping and see if that improves it (incase it's a stuck pixel or something).
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