Panasonic GX7 with Olympus 36R flash


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I just got Olympus 36R flash for Panasonic GX7. When I use build in flash for the same subject at 5-6 feet away at 14mm or 42mm, flash intensity on the subject is almost the same. However, if I use Olympus 36R flash at 14mm, flash is rather weaker compared to build in flash and at 42mm, flash is stronger than build in flash without changing any setting.

Can anyone tell me if this is due to using Olympus flash on Panasonic body? If I gotten Panasonic flash, would it be more consistant flash exposure? If you have either Olympus or Panasonic flash, please try at 14mm and 42mm and let me know the result will be great.



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I think it's fine although the fl36 should be more powerful than the built in flash across the board. If it's in TTL in A or P mode then the camera will be changing a number of settings to get the exposure right.

The panasonic flash is just a rebadged Olympus one anyway.

The Fl36r has a mechanical zoom that adjusts the focus of light with the focal length of the lens. If everything else is the same (distance to subject and power) then the fl36 will be 'brighter' at 42mm than at 14mm. The other way of looking at it is that the built in flash wastes power built illuminating lots of area outside the picture when shooting at 42mm.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you so much for your reply. So if using olympus or panasonic flash results the same and if I understood you correctly you are saying built in flash produce similar flash intensity at 14mm and 42mm but it is normal with external flash to over expose. Is this correct?


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I have a FL36 (non R) and use it with my G3.

As vchaney as stated, the flash is definitely weaker when used with a wide angle lens because of the dispersion of the flash energy over a wider area (it's a law-of-physics thing, not unique the flash) and the fact that the flash itself mechanically "zooms" therefore concentrating its power.

However, I've not noticed that the external flash overexposing on my camera. Are you sure you have it in TTL mode? I only ask because it's easy to bump the mode button and have the flash not operate in TTL mode.

Also the other thing that you can check is to ensure that the flash is completely seated in the hot shoe. If it's not pushed ALL the way in, it can still fire, but will not communicate with the camera.