'Panasonic GX1 Review'

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    At the bottom of that article, it says that the author is an experienced writer/photographer. I find his writing to be poor, and his photography-related comments to be plain and uninsightful. His "review" reads like the first few pages of a camera manual, where they list each control and component on the camera body. The only reason he's "published" is because he likely shills himself for free, and the websites can put his articles up with nice big ads next to them.

    It's nice to know overall that the system is "small, compact and really tiny!" I was afraid it was only going to be small and really tiny, or just small and compact, but luckily it was all three. So, I can sleep well tonight. Also, how he sees photography is a very simplistic outlook, apparently that each classic film market position is not taken up by a 1-size-smaller digital sensor. Great analysis there Ansel Adams, what else you have up your sleeve?

    Hopefully in the future, digital photography school hires someone that's taken a photography course, an English class, or both.