Panasonic GM1 vs GH2

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by lillefot, Feb 9, 2014.

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    I had a Panasonic GH2 that I really enjoyed, but I was not happy about noise, especially on ISO above 800, and also the ability to reproduce noiseless and blue skies even on low ISO. Please don't flame me, I am fully aware of that this is because of my limited Lightroom knowledge, but that knowledge hasn't really improved...

    Anyway, there is a rebate on the Panasonic GM1 this weekend. I wasn't aware of that camera until recently, but from what I can see, the size is really appealing to me.

    I'm wondering if the GM1 with the kit and the 20mm might be the ideal compromise between the Sony NEX that I never use because it's too big to be slipped into my purse, and the Sony RX100, which I carry with me always and I use quite a lot, but I miss better low light performance.

    Could here anyone shed any light on what to expect of IQ on the GM1 compared to the GH2?

    I have started to read up on the GM1 on the Internet, but as the rebate only lasts a few days, I thought I'd try the "short cut" and get some practical advice from someone with true experience.

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    The GM1 share sensor with GX7 and speculatively with the GH4.

    The IQ from the new sensor its very superior to the GH2. Better dynamic range, depth color, richness of color and tones, ISO, less noise, etc. GM1/GX7 can compete with OMD and NEX in still.

    I have the GH2 hacked and I like, a great camera specially for video, but for still isnt very good, since I have the NEX-5N use little GH2 for stills.
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