Panasonic GM-1 wifi problems ...


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Aug 5, 2014
Have my new Panasonic GM-1 now a week.
Did go through the whole manual and chapter 12 is about the wifi setup, but man what a hell that is .....(at least for me).

The only good connection i get is direct with the camera's wifi to my iphone 5, this seems to work fine.

If i want the camera connected with the iphone 5 through the netwerk i mostly get the warning "connection failed" on the camera's screen.
A few times i got connection but after a few minutes i got the connection failed message again...

I did not get a connection at all with the camera and pc, not direct and not through netwerk, this does not work at all (connection failed message again)

Also whenn is see at the receiption of the wifi signal shown on the camera display it is very poor (even 1 feet away from the router) , but on all my other devices the connection is top notch.

All with all very frustrating, is this normal with the GM-1 such a poor wifi connection or do i have a bad lemon here ?
Do you guys having the same problems with wifi of know what to do, i would glad to hear it.
Dec 11, 2013
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I have had off an on wifi issues with my G6. It seems consistency isn't the name of the game. I couldn't do wifi, direct connect, NFC or anything on my G6 when it was new. I called the panasonic help line and surprise surprise, the customer service rep was no help. After a few months of ignoring the problem, and the services working intermittently, everything except NFC seemed to be working pretty well overall. Maybe it was an app update? I send images to my ipad, flickr, facebook and my samsung galaxy g4 with ease using either wifi or direct connect. Funny, but nfc never worked right with my gs4 but worked flawlessly with my husbands gs4. I even reset wifi an re paired my cellphone and it still doesn't work.

When I got my GM1, I had low expectations on the wifi. Surprisingly, everything worked really well and I feel that the images transfer much quicker than the G6.

Having said all that, I still put the images from my cams to my Mac Mini via the sd card reader. If I had tens to hundreds of images to transfer from my cam to my PC, And used wifi to transfer them, I believe the cam battery would run out of juice as this is a slooooow was to transfer that kind of volume.

It seems that the wifi/wireless set ups on these panasonic are still early in life cycle, so wonky behavior still applies I'm afraid.

My advice to you is to wave your devices around while trying to connect, try a different room or location in your home and keep trying different methods. Also did you set up
your lumix link on panasonic, you need that to send images to flickr, etc.

In the end, I think the direct connection works the best for me. It's annoying that the manual section pertaining to wifi doesn't seem to be complete.

Good luck, wifi is a black art.


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Aug 5, 2014
I updated the camera already to version 1.1 before trying wifi ;-)
Yesterday i tried again several times and now it seems to work better, not fantastic but it works...
I have connection with the iphone and pc, direct and over the wifi network if i want.
It's not a very reliable connection, mostly it seems to work fine now but occasionaly it's not working ...
The direct connection with the camera as wifi host works faster and more reliable then over the wifi network.
I did some tests with tranfering files to the PC and the direct connection was faster.

It seems the problem has solved, but it is a pity that nowadays it has to be such a hell to configure a simple wifi connection and that is not very reliable at all, a bit of a shame for Panasonic in my eyes.
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