Panasonic GM-1 brightness setting


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Aug 5, 2014
Today i played around with my new panasonic GM-1 camera.

Something weird occured to me...
When i set the Monitor Luminance, you can choose 3 modes, mode 1: darker, mode 2: normal brightness and mode 3: brighter.
In recording mode you can also choose auto mode, why you can't set this in play mode beats me or does the camera remember 2 different settings for play mode and recording mode ?

First of all if i choose auto mode in recording mode this automatically changes back in mode 2 if i switch to play mode...
Second of all in recording mode, mode 2 and mode 3 are having the same brightness, they are both the same brightness as mode 3 in play mode (darker), looks like mode 2 is not working ...
And finally if i put the monitor luminance in mode 2 in both the recording mode and play mode and i swith between them, the recording mode is darker (but that sounds logic as the mode 2 and 3 in recording mode are both actually darker )

Is it time for an update from Panasonic ?
Do you guys have the same issue with your GM-1 or GX-7 ?
Or is it just me ...(ps have done a reset but nothing ...)
For the GM-1 user, please try if you have the same issue


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Feb 5, 2013
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On the GX7 when just viewing an image the Monitor Luminance does seem to default to #2 and then revert - I suppose the sense is that the Auto setting is most useful when you are actually filming and need to see the screen whether you are in sunlight or shadow. But since in either case these settings only affect the state of the screen and not the actual recorded image I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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