Panasonic GH4 time lapse: delayed start FAIL


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Aug 23, 2013
Colorado, USA
My searches haven't turned up any information on the problem I'm having, so here goes...

So far I have been unsuccessful at getting the Time Lapse function of the GH4 to work when setting a delayed start time. I've had no problems producing time lapse sequences with a Start Time of "Now", but if I program in a delay the camera behaves like it's going to execute the sequence but in fact, it never exposes even a single frame.

Here's an example from today: Clock (current time) was set to 3:40pm, 24 June 2014; Start Time set to 3:44pm; Shooting Interval 0m03s; Image Count 1600. When I exited the menu and pressed the shutter, the display showed the Lumix splash screen and went dark. Later, after the Start Time passed (with no indication that the camera started capturing frames), I pressed the shutter halfway to bring the display back to life and pressed Fn1 to interrupt the time lapse sequence, and selected End (and verified that I did indeed want to end the sequence), the camera returned to shooting mode and I confirmed that no frames had been captured.

From this I conclude that the camera thinks it's in Time Lapse mode, but never starts capturing images. Here's the odd thing: if I set up a Now start time and look at the End time the camera displays, it correctly shows that it'll end an hour from the current clock time. If I set up a delayed start time, the displayed End time looks correct (an hour after the programmed Start Time), but only until after the programmed start time has passed, when the End time display advances by 24 hours to show an End time 24 hours later than it should. But the manual clearly states that the start time can only be delayed by a maximum of 23h59m. One thing I have yet to try is to leave the camera sitting in time lapse mode for 24 hours after the programmed Start Time, just to see if it's an off-by-1 programming error.

Is anybody else having this issue? Has anyone solved it after experiencing the problem? Has anybody actually succeeded in shooting a delayed start time lapse on the first try?
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