Panasonic GF2 First Impressions at The Luminous Landscape

Amin Sabet

Michael Reichmann posted his initial GF2 impressions at LL: Panasonic GF2 First Impressions

My favorite bit:
The GF2 will be available in a range of colours, including black, of course. The pre-production sample which I had for testing was red. My first response when it was handed to me was to kid the Panasonic rep about the colour, but then he pointed out that my iPhone case was almost the same colour, and I shut up.


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I handled some GF2 mock ups today in Tokyo. (usually, they will have 3-4 cameras, plus a few empty shell bodies, when a new model is released)

It was interesting to see the size, which is a bit more like a Panasonic LX-5 in size, than a GF1.

I'll be interested to handle the real thing in a few weeks time....
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I think this is the most telling statement in the review.

"As for the question of whether to buy one, I think that there are two answers. If you already own a GF1 I would suggest that there really isn't a compelling reason to upgrade, because it really isn't an upgrade; it's a sidegrade if anything. Panasonic just wasn't targeting the GF2 at you."

This really echoes my thoughts from the time I was able to see the specifications. I find that I am in agreement with virtually everything as stated in the review.



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I think the GF2 will make a very nice second (or third) camera for many people. With the 20/1.7 and 14/2.5 it will make a useful pocket-able outfit. I will even look at it for this purpose. However I would not consider it for my primary camera.


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Interesting review and resulting images.
Dragging the histogram....what a concept.
Were I in the market for a camera with the best IQ in the smallest package (I always am) with interchangeable lens capability this does sound intruiging.
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