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  1. Perhaps the my biggest grievance with the G7 that I recently acquired to upgrade my GH2 is the loss of a true multi aspect ratio imager. The GH2 shot 4:3 frames at 4608x3456 pixels, 3:2 frames at 4752x3168 pixels and 16:9 frames at 4976x2800 pixels. You did lose about 1MP in each change of the formats, but this was much better than the G7 which has the following ratios: 4592x3448, 4592x3064 and 4592x2584. This is about a loss of 2MP per change of format. In other words, the G7 is simply cropping the 4:3 image.

    Essentially this means that you should never change your aspect ratio in the camera and make any changes later on in post processing - unless you want to have the viewfinder showing you the 3:2 or 16:9 frames.

    I had assumed that if one shoots RAW or RAW+JPG you would get the benefits of seeing the preferred aspect ratio but still have the full image available in the RAW file. A quick test of this showed that I am wrong. If you shoot in RAW using any of the reduced aspect ratios, the RAW image in post processing only has what you set the camera for. The pixels outside of the crop are missing.

    I think this is rather unfortunate and I wish Panasonic had set it up differently. Alas, no micro four thirds camera has had a true multi aspect ratio imager since the GH2 (and perhaps some of the earlier G series). It's too bad as I prefer the 3:2 format over 4:3 and quite frequently shoot 16:9 landscapes.
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    Hi, there have been similar discussions before; iirc the RAW has the un-cropped image, but Lightroom will only show the crop by default.
    Iirc, there's a way to tell LR not to do that, but I don't use LR.
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  3. Barry13, if that is correct, I'd like to know how to set it up. I had thought that I could go into Lr and use the reset command in the develop module to return the image to the full 4/3 crop, but that did not work. Nor did using the crop tools. I do a conversion to DNG on import, would that be affecting my ability to recover the full crop? Any suggestions?
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    @Boatman@Boatman, I looked at your website and you have some very nice images. While I understand what you are saying, I believe the minor cropping to which you refer will not result in any noticeable loss in image quality no matter how large you print.
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    When I change aspect ratio with an Olympus in RAW (JPG setting only), in LR I click the Crop & Straighten Tool, click on the text next to the padlock and change from As Shot to Original and the aspect ratio is 4:3 and shows the whole frame.
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  6. I've found some posts that indicate that Olympus allows you to change RAW images back to 4:3 format but Panasonic does not. I agree that this is not a huge issue but there is no sense in using the alternative formats if you lose the data; better to shoot 4:3 and crop later.

    I also think that when I'm in a situation where a 16:9 would be desirable, going to a quick panorama would not be a bad choice either. I've done some testing and with the camera mounted vertically, you can achieve a nice 16:9 image by shooting three images with a 1/3 overlap or five images with a 2/3 overlap. I can't see any difference between the two. Use the cylindrical setting in the Lr panorama tool and the images come out very nice - and it's about a 34MP image, so it has tons of detail!

    Thanks for your comments, Pecos.
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